Cradle&crescent: greater binding: 1 effect multiple spirits?

Hi sodales,

In the cradle & the crescent, we learn that sahir can use greater bindings and must invest items, enchant them with spirits (which take 1/5 might pawn space), bound to effects (which take 1/5 mag pawn space), and that any item only accept material*size (x2 if container) pawns of vis, that the sahir can invest bit by bit.

It seems clear that you can in one season:

  • invest vis
  • bind a spirit
  • invest an effect bound to a spirit, either bound before or in the same process.
    (-multiple activities if labtotal are okay for it... <= i'm not entirely sure what this means... but since those items would have been built a long time ago, it is not very important)


My question is this: is it possible to invest multiple spirits which are bound to the same effect?

Obviously it would be useful only in the case of ritual spells (which remove 1 might score temporarily - counted in years... - from the spirit each time the might pool get to 0, and the might pool is reduced by the magnitude of said ritual effect).

Currently I have some silver jar (related to the Karun treasure myth if some of you know of it), which can contain 6x2 (x2) pawns of vis. I decided the sahir of the old time could have easily bound elemental spirits of level 30 in the 300+ jars of the treasure. That take thus 6 pawns. I'm needing that each karun jar provides an effect of solomonic alchemy level 30 ritual (an equivalent of the vigilant guardian which turn a statue into animated soldier).
With its 6th magnitude, this power reduced after 1 use the might score of my elemental spirit to 5. After it, the second use bring the score to 4 with 3 points remaining, the third, to 2 with 2 points remaining, and i'm not sure i can use it a fourth time or not. My impression is that yes, it will suck away whatever might points remain but anyway 4 or 3 uses for this greater binding is not very effective for a legendary piece of treasure.

So secondary question: does a might spirit need enought might points to use a ritual spell, or "part of magnitude" is enough to use a last time a ritual spell? I'm not sure I have read the answer in the text.

I was thinking: but I still have 12 potential pawns to invest! Could I just put 2 more elemental spirits, giving another 2 might scores of 6 to use? (that would effectively mean 12 in the best case, or 9 in the worst, uses of the item).

Since I'm deciding that each spirit will need 6 years (and more) to refresh it's might pool; since there are alors most enough jars in the treasure to cover multiple years of 1 use per day, this frequency of "reload" of might score would meet the myths of power IF the jars have 3 spirits : without interruption, each day, who have the karun treasure can rise an animated matter for a long period (+-9 to 12 years). If they only have 1... we go from "sleeping time" to "active time" more frequently (3 years...).

But I'm not sure about this, and without the "multiple spirits bound to one effect", i'm gonna have a hard time giving the myth with only this effect ^^ and may be forced to create another idea aside to empower the myth.

Thanks for your advice,


So an Elemental spirit with a Might Score of 30 (taking up 6 "spaces" as 30/5=6) is bound into an item to power a level 30 ritual effect (also taking up 6 "spaces")?

  1. So the effect is used 5 times, spending 30 Might Points (6th mag. x 5 uses=30), reducing the Might Pool to 0. It has now run out of Might Points.

  2. Its Might Score is now reduced to 29 and its Might Pool is replenished to 29.

  3. The effect is used 4 more times, spending 24 Might Points, reducing the Might Pool to 5.

  4. The effect is used again. I think it's supposed to use the 5 remaining Might Points, reducing the Might Pool to 0, then further reduce the Might Score to 28 and replenish the Might Pool to 28 and then take the last Might Point needed to power the effect from this and leave the spirit with a Might Pool of 27.

  5. It would then keep following this pattern until the Might Score reaches 2 and the Might Pool is 2. By this point it has been activated a total of 77 times, for a total of 462 Might Points spent. It can only spend 3 more Might Points before its Might Score reaches 0, not enough to activate the effect again normally. If a point of Might Score were now recovered by waiting the period of time mentioned in the text (>= 1 year/1 Might Score), the effect would be useable one more time, assuming an increase in Might Score replenishes the Might Pool as well (the text doesn't specify). Doing so would leave the spirit with a Might Score (and Pool) of 0.

Had some Might Score recovery happened between uses of the effect and not just at the end, the number of uses would likely increase depending on the math. At least that's how it's reading to my insomnia affected brain, so I might be wrong. :blush:

Duh, Jason you are an eye opener. Why did I consider only 6 might points in place of 30... aaah.

Thanks. It doesn't really adress my question (unless I really have badly read your message) but it totally answer my roleplay issue!