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I really love the backstory! I especially like the way you've tied yourself in to the local community at Inverness. That's a really nice angle!

For the covenant near Rouen, checking on Peregrine's [url=]map
, I see Dragon's Rest being fairly close by. IIRC, there's not much info about it that's been published, beyond being a vassal of Florum.

Doesn't seem to be anything established near the Chartreuse mountains on that map, but I agree that it'd be a very cool place for a covenant.

I'm not entirely sure, but I've always treated the level limits as a grogs-only thing. May want to double check with Peregrine on that point.

The limits apply. If Ra'am could've had a higher Magic Theory at start in Phoenix, he would have. See page 31.
Of course those Ability scores can be converted to Xp and you can extrapolate it for Arts and also provide rules for allowing Affinities to supersede these limits.

Hey all. Things have come up IRL for me that are going to prevent me from participating in the foreseeable future. I'm really sorry! Thanks again for everyone who contributed in this thread; I really do appreciate your time.

Hey, stuff happens. Thanks for checking us out, and feel free to drop by when things get better.