Creating A New Hermetic Technique And Form

Say a magi saw a Learned Magician in action and was inspired to create Hermetic versions of Tueor (I protect) and Salutem (Health). Ignoring the fact Hermetic Magic can already replicate most Tueor Salutem spells with a combination of techniques and form (redundancy doesn't matter to him), he enters his lab and starts experimenting.

Is this kind of integration possible? Or is it too big for the system? If not, what should I be aware of?

Yes, certainly.

Make sure you donĀ“t use house rules that doublestack Arts, ie dont allow anyone to use 2 Te+1 Fo or 1 Te+2 Fo even if they overlap.
If you integrate something that breaks Hermetic limits, you should probably have worked out how to handle that long before any integration is done. If you think integrating something becomes unbalanced, a simple adjustment of raising all base guidelines by 1 is a potential fix.

Aside from that, i cant think of much right now. OTOH i should be asleep for a few hours by now so i might have missed something... :mrgreen: