Creating a New Tribunal

I don't have the PDF of the final, and my book is in storage while the basement's being finished. My manuscript notes say:

"Then, with the creation of the PCs' home, four covenants could potentially exist in the region, allowing for the foundation of the Nile Tribunal to be pursued. Doing so requires the covenants to arrange a gathering by Redcap-carried correspondence, meet as a Tribunal while being observed by a quaesitor, acquire a sponsor from amongst the House Primi, and attend Grand Tribunal in 1228 in order to present themselves as a nascent Tribunal for confirmation. Depending on the results of the debate and whether or not a decision was made, the magi might need to return to the Grand Tribunal in 1261 to cement their creation. This requires convincing the magi of other regional covenants to actually participate, however."

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Ben, with the book in front of me: I'm sorry to say that your notes were cut down considerably.On the creation of the Nile tribunal it says...

Well, that's what editors are for. :slight_smile: They need to carve things down to make them better and fit tighter. Well, as much that helps, there you go. :slight_smile:

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