Creo Herbam thought

Here's an idea sprung from a discussion on this week's critical role. I thought it was novel enough to share.

Wikipedia tells me that pine tar was known to the ancient Greeks and was a primary export of 14th century Sweden. I'll then deduce it was known in period.

Moderately Sized Blob of Tar
CrHe 10
R: Voice, D: Diam, T: ind (+1 size)
This spell produces a blob of pine tar a bit over a pace in diameter. With a successful targeting role it can placed around a moving target, typically immobilizing it. The ease of escaping from such a predicament is left to the storyguide to adjudicate.
base 2, +2 voice, +1 diameter, +1 size

It's not just about immobilization, having a big blob of stiff very sticky stuff I imagine could be useful in a lot of ways, and different than many of the alternatives, also level 10 is doable for a large proportion of magi with spontaneous magic.

Isn't pine tar the same as "pitch" described in City & Guilds? I think in period resins refined from pine trees to use as waterproofing are a major export of Mythic Scandinavia.


Since it's CrHe, there ought to be no more need for a targeting roll then there would be for casting a Pilum. Of course, the spell would be resisted.