crossfire schtick in Friends of the Dragon?

Hey everyone! How exactly does the crossfire schtick in Pg 67 of FotD work?

It says to "add the outcomes of all attacks together, and use that number (and only that number) as the damage dealt to the target".

I checked the FS rulebook, and outcome doesn't include damage from weapons, it's just Action Result minus Dodge. I'm guessing it ignores toughness? Otherwise two characters using Crossfire will be doing close to no damage at all. (And even if it ignores toughness, it still is worse then shooting without the schtick in the first place, unless the opponent has a monster score in Tgh)

Say two characters with Guns 15 shoot at Adam, Dodge 15. Both get an outcome of 1, for a total of 2. That's soaked up by Adam's toughness? Or that goes directly into wound points?

The other possibility is that the outcome of all attacks does include damage from the guns, and we deduct toughness once?

Any advice?
Thanks a lot guys!