Crusaders' Power

What are the new rules for Crusaders? In the dark past, they had certain powers and protections gained through assoication with the Divine cause, whether they were holy men (with True Faith/Piety) or not. I assume this has changed in the new Divine Book, but I need a quick answer for my saga before I can order the book. Thanks.

Religious ritual can temper an aura changing the aura a bit from the standard rules. Aura tempering is done by the person with the religious authority over an area.

According to the sidebar on page 42 of the divine book; God's aid may be invoked in warfare against heretics, infidels, and supernatural creatures. In these situations the bonus can added as an addition to the usual combat bonus generated by a trained group (per the group combat rules).

There are also practitioners of holy traditions of magic. There are supernatural effects of holy sacraments, intercession of saints and true faith all spelled out with a delightful variety of options.

You might want to have a look at this thread on the possible powers of the Teutonic Knights for some ideas.