CrVi 1st guideline

Create a magical shell which looks real to Intellego spells with a level
less than twice its level plus one magnitude (this aura is generic
“magic” only — no misleading information can be supplied).

I've never seen any spells designed with this and I'm not sure that it fits what that I'm looking for or if it's the one below (in the core rule book) that I should be using. I also find that SoFD & SoOM to be really confusing spells as they hide magic permanently with a momentary duration ... Feels like a 4th Ed remnant that was never errata.

I'm thinking of an effect that would make an object glow so much of pure magic (CrVi) that InVi spell such as SoTAM or SoTLM would only be able to discern the CrVi effect. Something in the lines of:

CrVi 39 - Per | Sun | Ind | - Shell of Bright Mysteries, Talisman
This spell creates a container that envelops the whole caravan and will prevent all spells of InVi of level 60 or less to see what magic, if any, lie under the veil. The InVi spell will simply perceive the Shell of pure magic. The Barber instilled this effect onto his Caravan which was also his Talisman in order to keep prying magi away.
(Per +0 | Sun +2 | Ind +0 | Base 25 (2x(General +1)), +4 cste effect)

Sub question is:
The base calculations are unclear. Should it be (2x(general)) +1 (extra parenthesis for clarity) or as described above?

Thanks for your comments.


2*25+1 magnitude is 55, not 60.

Also, a caravan is an IMPRESSIVE talisman. Hermetic Architecture or a really big lab?

They're rituals. They actually create a shell of magic. Its like a spell to create gold. Yeah, its a little counter intuitive.

Sure you have - this is Shell of False Determinations.
Please not that SoFD is (as mentioned above) above a ritual of momentary duration - something lasting is created.
It is a legacy spell, though it was converted (or rather, the guideline it uses was converted) for 5th ed. Sadly though, part of the description was cut, which is what you lack.

Feels like creating an Aegis of the earth with a momentary duration. I mean, I have trouble understanding how an effect that has ended can continue to hamper magical investigation of an active effect.


Agreed. It's a legacy spell, which used to be Permanent (well, to have the option for permanency).
Personally, I'd prefer if it was build into the device it was obscuring, with D: Sun and Constant effect.

Actually, SoOM and SoFD use the 2nd and 3rd (respectively) CrVi guideline.

The more I think about it, my spell looks like it should be calculated using the 2nd guideline... makes it hard to block magical InVi spells...

I guess that the 1st guideline can be used to create ghost spells such as a waiting ward with a CrIg spell of lvl 50 with 70 pen...


If we agree to this, should the be an errata to the CrVi guidelines so that they align to the other Vim general guidelines?


you'd have to ask David Chart about that.