Cthonic Magic and Potent Magic


One of the players in my group want to play a demon hunter. He's a pretty dark character, with Cthonic Magic. I mentioned that he could take Potent Magic with demons, but I'm not sure if demons would be a Minor or Major version of Potent Magic. They're pretty much within the Art of Vim. Anyway, let's say he could have Demons as the area for Potent Magic. Would his Magic Theory + his Infernal Lore count as the limit for the bonuses he could get from Shape and Materials? Or only his Magic Theory?

I don't have any of the books with me, so I don't remember the exact wording of the different virtues.


In HoH:S one of the Tytalus lineage gets Major Magical Focus in spirits which would count for all ghosts, demons and all other non-corporeal spirits, so it would definately work for just demons with room to spare. Whether demons could count as only a minor magical focus I doubt, as birds would be a major virtue and birds of prey is a minor virtue. I suppose you could have sections of demons, but the seperate parts of the infernal hierarchy would really be too narrow, there are so many of them.

Could you add Infernal Lore to Magic Theory for bonus materials? I'd say no. Maybe, just maybe add the Cthonic magic score as per use of vis to the magic theory, but not infernal lore.

Ah, I see. I meant to ask if Cthonic Magic score could add to Magic Theory. :slight_smile:


The player may substitute the character's Chthonic Magic score for Magic Theory if the character is designing a potent spell with dark or sinister effects. Chthonic Magic is only added to Magic Theory when determining how much vis the character can use in a season, though, so it doesn't apply to Potent Magic.

Hello all! I just wanted to ask, if a Major Magical Focus in spirits would truely count for demons too. Thanks!

Depends a bit on definition really.
An infernally tainted beast, with an Infernal Might Score is a demons, according to RoP:I (p. 28), and is obviously not a spirit.
However a demon proper is an unclean spirit which might be able to create a physical form. This is a spirit by nature, ragerdless of current tangebility

Ok, thanks!

Another question regarding the Major Magical Focus in spirits: would the bonus also aply to the lab total for enchanting a spirit familiar?

Yep : if the familiar is included in the focus then not only does the binding benefit from it, but also every power you would instill in it. I really find it wonderful. I think it's in the bonding section in the core rulebook.

And...another question :slight_smile: What would happen, if you would use Chthonic Magic to boost your Lab Total when enchanting a (Spiri) Familiar.

I) Would the familiar be tainted per se?
II) Would the powers you instill in it be tainted?
III) No taint at all.

Unless for some other reason, III)