Cthonic Magic Question

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Can Cthonic Effects be invested into magic items? Would the effect somehow warp and twist the item? And would Hermetic Magic detect the infernal nature of the power, or does this fall under the category of "a tainted power" (The Divine sees it as Unholy, The Infernal chuckle with glee, Magi and Fae see it as a magical power)...?


1st...page 124 2nd paragraph "a chthonic magus may always add his lowest art score to his LAB TOTAL or casting score"
So yes you can use the power while in the lab.
2nd...Cthonic magic isn't always infernal. So if your user is calling on the infernal then yes the item is probally infernally tainted, for the rest it could be tainted if you want.

That isn't what he asked though, Agnar. He asked if Cthonic Effects could be invested into enchanted items.

Not having the RoP books, I can only guess. Aren't Cthonic spells/effects normally ritualistic in method? If so, then without a specific Virtue allowing one to invest ritual effects into enchanted devices, I'd say the answer would be no, they cannot be invested.

Spirit binding I believe allows you to invest ritual spells into magic items, but you have to chain a spirit of some sort into the item in order to power it.

If a Chthonic effect uses one of the infernal parameters that isn't a ritual requiring parameter I see no problem investing that effect into an enchanted device. (I've no book here to check that there is such a thing an an infernal paramerter that does not requirte a ritual but I'm confident that there must be.)

No, a Chthonic maga putting effects with Chthonic R/D/T in an enchanted device wouldn't warp anything, for two reasons: a) Chthonic Magic merely creates a mystical affinity in the Gift for Infernal powers, but by itself belongs to the Magical realm and isn't an Infernal power (even if it's close enough to taint to give an Infernal vibe to Divine detection) b) more importantly, a basic feature of this Virtue is that it makes the owner completely immune to warp from Infernal sources. Casting a spell in Infernal areas does not give any extra botches, and using Infernal vis is completely safe.

i'm not really sure what you mean by Cthonic effects...if your talking about the nonstandard targets and durations that are available as an added perk to the cthonic magi, there is no reason not to use them. It's the same using the marinita targets/ranges (and of course any rituals are out unless another ability alows them in items)