Custom Pretenses

I like the idea of custom pretenses, like the Chivalrous Combat one mentioned in the Faeries book, but I haven't been especially inspired when trying to think up new ones.

Any interesting ones you've used in your games? Or even ones that you think would be cool but haven't had a chance to use?

Pretense-modifying virtues are neat too. Faerie Speech for (Living Language), Faerie Sight for Awareness, and Supernatural Agility for Athletics. Come up with any others?

In our saga, we decided to have a "wondrous craftman" pretense available to dwarves. It replaces any craft ability, but can be only used to create one-of-a-kind exceptional or wondrous items. One-of-a-kind means that the dwarf will not be able to produce more than a single copy of the item. The only exception are things that would naturally come in a batch, such as twin suits of armor for two twins, or a set of seven arrows for a particular archer - in this case the dwarf must announce he is making a batch before starting to work on it.