Cynara the Pharmacopoeian (Development)

It's intended to be bad, yes. It's a sign of how much the Dominion is weakening the magus's powers.

But a candle flickering in the wind burns brightly. How the magus feels about it depends on the personality of that individual I suppose. But burning so bright can quickly consume the candle. And as many a Flambeau magus will tell you, it is better to burn out that fade away.

Of course that has no bearing on Cynara would feel about it. What religion is she anyway?

As her parents were members of a witches coven I though Pagan would be the most fiiting. I didnt put that much thought into it though, would it be better if she had believe in something else?

Pagan is a very broad category of religions. Could you be more specific? How does Cynara feel about her parents? Perhaps a more vibrant background? Write a paragraph?

Ok, will dig something up and add another paragraph for her childhood. :slight_smile:

Looking over the character some more, I am getting the impression of a general sort of wise-woman healer at a Hermetic maga level. Having a witchcraft background may be Pagan (or Infernal), but not always so. There are Christian witches, as well as others. But whatever faith you are, it is not taken as a Story or Personality Flaw, so it is more of a side note or character quirk.
The most neutral way to view the Divine: The Dominion represents Order as empowered by civil authority over organized human habitation.

I believe there's a paragraph about it in RoP: D. I can check it out if you wish so.
IIRC, it both feels bad (gift flickering, physical pains) and good.
I don't remember it being any different for pagans.

For what it's worth, marko's advice for witches and pagans, just above is, IMO, very good.
You could be a christian witch, even nominally, or confusedly, working the name of "angels" (in fact magical spirits) into your workings, or a pagan witch who doesn't care about the dominion so long as it leaves her alone, or a strange mix like a christian witch who sees pagan gods and magical spirits as akin to servants of god tasked with aspects of the world. Or anything else, really :smiley:

Ok, the dominion then certainly makes working in a hospital even more troublesome.

I guess the christian witch thing could work. Just do the rites and rituals in the name of some obscure saint and you are golden. :slight_smile:
Would be interesting to have something like that as a story flaw but its really difficult to find out something about non-christian religions in that area of bavaria.

Yes. But there are ways to mitigate it, such as spell mastery and the ceremonial mastery option.
Even simpler yet: Your hospital could be in a lacuna.
Anyway, with a typical -9 penalty, you can still cast most of your spells, you'll just be tired afterwards, meaning the character will be more discreet than otherwise (good thing for her), and might very well resort to mundane skills most of the time.

If she had no dominion/church lore, she may very well be quite confused about things.

I remember a friend telling me how some norsemen would, in the same sentence, say "For Jesus and Odin!" :open_mouth:
Likewise, we had peasants bury the host in their fields to bring prosperity. This is in no way a church practice, yet they did it, just like warriors prayed to St Georges to give them strength.

=> You can very well have "paganism" around saints, with people invoking them not unlike a pagan would invoke his god: Take all the pagan trappings that you want, and apply it to god, angels and saints :wink: The first churchman who sees you will be horrified, of course, but unknowledgeable people did this all the time :slight_smile:
Funny thing is, sometimes, praying to saints my very well work in-game.

Anyway, with a typical -9 penalty, you can still cast most of your spells, you'll just be tired afterwards, meaning the character will be more discreet than otherwise (good thing for her), and might very well resort to mundane skills most of the time.
I think this is best way of handling it.
I could very well see her parens putting her into a gauntlet where its difficult to accomplish anything with magic. Using her mundane skills and herbal brews together with the gentle gift should give her a somewhat low profile. (At least for Barcelona )

Thats something I could play well. :mrgreen:

That sounds like something I would like to play!


Cool then! :smiley:
Glad to be of some help :smiley:

You might also want to gain (or rework) your character so that she has Performance Magic tied to Chirurgy.
That way, while operating people "mundanely", she can, each day, cast a lvl 05 CrCo spell to give, say, +3 to recovery (this seems low, but compared to mundane rest, it's not to be balked at, being equal to a Chirurgy of 6).

Performance Magic? Thats not from the core book right?
How does it work? Does it replace Chirurgy?

No, it ain't, it's from HoH: S

It's a minor virtue that allows you to "hide" your spellcasting behind the use of a mundane skill. For exemple, you appear to practice chirurgy, but, in fact, you're casting a spell on someone.
So you could appear to practice chirurgy, but in truth cast a Corpus spell, and then really perform chirurgy.

Phew, sounds pretty expensive for such a small recovery bonus. Especially as she can easily brew a potion a day that grants a recovery bonus of +12.

Well, its goal is to allow you to hide your spellcasting.

But yeah, given potions, forget it :smiley:

I guess I could scram in some minor virtue by removing cyclic magic but the Creo Corpus spells are all pretty boring...

Could you post in the what the virtue exactly says?

Another thought might be Deft Form (Corpus). It will help you cast in public surreptitiously also.

Good one! :smiley:

Performance magic: It's a minor virtue in the mysteries p29, linked to a specific Craft, Profession, or ability with a clear verbal or physical practice, such as Music, or Chirurgy. Whenever you want to use the virtue to disguise spellcasting, you need to use the ability (obviously). Words or used in the ability replace words or gestures used in spellcating, so obviously, an ability that does both is better: Words/gestures not replaced by the ability are "normal", which may need you to cast silently or with subtle/no gestures.
The effect is simple: most people do not recognize what you're doing as magic, which allows you to cast spells openly. Even magi have trouble identifying the form of the effect.
You may also use a new duration, Performance (equal to concentration), that makes spells with this duration last as long as you're using the ability.

=> I agree, not a very good virtue for you given both potion and deft form/subtle magic/quiet magic.

And never forget Spell Mastery :smiley: