Cypher System Pop-Up experiment

I've been recently learning Numenera and the more generic Cypher System, so I've been looking for ways to play short improv games using those systems. I also just got Secrets of the Chi War, and my players had expressed an interest in the Dinosaurs juncture...

One of our players couldn't make it to the session this week, so I decided to do an experiment. I worked up characters in the Cypher System based on the archetypes in our game. The Everyday Hero became a Lucky brawler who Never Says Die. The Sword Master became a Vengeful swordsman who Masters Weapons. And the Archer became a Sharp-Eyed archer who Carries a Quiver.

I introduced the game without explaining anything about the Cypher System. I just told them to imagine that our regular adventures are an ongoing series of action movies or TV shows, and that this was a cheap 80s animated version for kids. They embraced the goofiness of this premise right away!

They went through the Pop-Up Juncture into the Cretaceous period, where they fought some velociraptors, met the friendly kung-fu fighting dinosaurs the Therizinosaurids, and discovered the chi-draining pylons of the Chi Harvesters.

They made friends with the leader of the kung fu dinosaurs, named Righteous Claw. He told them about the weird aliens and their powerful crafts and weapons. They had some fights with the Chi Harvesters, the Everyday Hero got captured, and the heroes took the fight to the Chi Harvester spaceship base.

The spaceship was destroyed in the battle, which deactivated all the chi-draining pylons and saved the valley. The Swordsman got to ride on a dinosaur's back!

Righteous Claw thanked the heroes, saying "Now that this threat to our valley has been defeated, we can grow here and live in prosperity for many generations to come..."

At which point the Everyday Hero said "What's that up in the sky?" and the heroes dashed into the portal just as a giant meteor plummeted toward the Earth.

It was loads of fun to step outside of our traditional game for a bit. I introduced the Cypher System gradually as they played, showing them the resolution mechanic first and eventually getting into their special abilities and bonuses. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of using Cypher System for superheroes or science fiction or something, but of course nobody wants to give up Feng Shui 2 for our action stories :slight_smile:

Has anyone else tried statting up your heroes in a different system for a one-shot?