Daimons and vis

Many daimons leave vis (of various Arts) behind when "banished". While "banished" technically means "the current Aspect is physically wounded to the point of death", would the vis be left behind even by an Aspect that, having completed its task, rejoined the main Daimonic spirit of its own free will?

My group sees the vis left behind as a way that the Daimon has to mitigate the steep costs of summoning him and so encourage people to call on his services again and help him get more Daimon points. So in our game, yes, when the Daimon leaves freely having completed his services, he leaves vis behind. I don't recall whether that's a canon answer though.


"If an Aspect of a Daimon is destroyed,
it can choose whether or not to recall the
immaterial body; only if the body remains
does the vis remain."
(RoP:M p101)

Normally, when a Daimon recalls an Aspect, I don't think it will care to leave behind any physical remains - and thus no vis either.