Damascus and the Levant

I'm planning a story ark in the middle East and am looking for some info on Damascus and the middle East during the second crusade. C&TC doesn't have much about Damascus, if anything. Was wondering if anyone has done any research on this region or can point me in the direction of some good resources?

You will wish to read as main sources: Steven Runciman, A History of the Crusades, books 7 to 10, and Amin Maalouf, Les croisades vues par les Arabes, parts 3 and 4. Both books are translated into many languages and should be easy to order.

Especially Maalouf part 3, about the Batini in Damaskus and Al Mazdaghani's possible conspiracy, might be of interest for you.


Without meaning to blow my own trumpet, the following might be of interest...

routledge.com/Muslims-and-C ... 1138022744


I hear the sound of trumpets summoning me to respond LOL...

Check out some of the additional Levantine resources from my blog, My Life as a Grog:

https://jarkmanpages.wordpress.com/ars-magica/miscellany/the-mythic-levant/The Mythic Levant

I can't recall anything specifically Damascene, but there are some suggestions for adapting Blood & Sand for 5th edition based on the work we did in tCatC.

Also a couple of extra articles based on cut-files from my drafts of the Jinn section and the mundane Bestiary.