Darius of Flambeau

I'm sorry, I don't understand this argument?
Isn't it a bit like asking why the christians/hare krishnas/mormons would ever want to recruit him, when he would make a sh*tty priest?
Not everyone in the cult needs to be a Mystagogue. Indeed, having multiple mystagogues may well lead to an internal power struggle.
They want him to help them achieve their actual goals. In the case of the Legion of Mithras, they want him to help them fight "evil".

I'm sure they absolutely do. Foot soldier.

Do you mean "in your area". Because I almost agree. I only play about 3 sessions per month myself. Not nearly enough.

I'm sorry. I don't even understand what you mean here?
Please understand, not all of us here are native english speakers. Some of us would like you to be precise (and preferbly concise), rather than using colloquialisms and "spoken language"
I agree, there's a difference between -3 and a 5. 8 points, in a d10 based game, is a lot.
But 'frightening' is hardly a positive descriptor, so where is the problem?

Finally, my apologies to Yan for not trying to drag your thread back on track.

It's ok. I honestly thought I posed an answer to the OP before going nuclear.

That is a thread of dumb that spilled over from an awful group. Awful as in harassing, etc. I'd rather drop it.

On the topic of Darius. The point I keep trying to make is Darius and another initiate's progressions are inherently different speeds. That what they need to do to prove loyalty and advance within a cult are different.

The only reason I even bring that up is because Trogdor was posting.

I did express I thought a mystery cult wouldn't invest time in Darius. I really didn't explain myself well, long term investment expecting anything other than a foot soldier would be wasted from my point of view.

You're right, people need foot soldiers. Given a hoplite loyal to the order may not be your best choice for assassinations of rivals etc. You're going to want someone that is loyal to you first. Which will require a lot of ordeals. Then again he did sacrifice his talisman and got a nice personality trait for the cult.

Cults though like it when you can spend time initiating, getting new members or have political clout. The first two aren't options for Darius and the last is harder. It isn't so bad a cult won't take him. But I would think he would be sent on suicide missions if he progressed too far or expected too much.

On the flip side of him you have charismatic people which can spend time initiating and don't have to kill people to prove thier loyalty. Then you have the super charismatic potential cult leaders that get everything they want... they're initiates don't turn into werewolves (require a major ordeal).

People eat out thier hands, give them too much Lore and too many secrets... so much so the current cult leader takes an eye and sees the threat, then sends Darius after them... So, I see Darius having a place. But he has to work harder.

Thanks, I had checked the errata before, which is why I was confused. Just goes to show how much people pay attention to character examples, I guess.

It should be noted as Decrepitude 0(2) then, right?

Also, I am under contract to translate it for the company which holds right over the game in my country, but thanks for the concern.

Was that convention even in place when ArM5 was written 2004? It is certainly not mentioned on ArM5 p.20 Format.


Perhaps not, but there is evidence in the Grizzled Veteran sheet, on page 21.

Then you can replace Decrepitude 0 by 0 (2) for Darius without any further thought.

Otherwise you need to know, what your contract about ArM5 entails: just translation of the 2nd edition? translation and/or incorporation of all current errata? personal proofreading for consistency (just within ArM5, or also with the 40 other books) and correction of the 2nd edition text?


Yes, this decrepitude issue is easy, I’m more worried with the character sheet, because I’m also a fan who wants to go above and beyond what is expected of me, and because there is a huge stigma associated with the translation of the 4th edition, which was... hurried.

I’m not translating anything from 2nd Edition though, not sure where you got that impression.

It is strictly 5th Edition, with the possibility of splatbooks in the future, if it sells well (I suppose, not sure what the requirements might be).

I think he meant 2nd printing of the (5th edition) core book. The two printings have different errata on the webpage.


As the 2nd printing is far more than a new printing run and contains many corrections to the 1st printing, I was led to call it a 2nd edition - which was hard to understand.


In that case it entails translation of the 2nd printing with errata and consistency with the rest of the line, should it be published in Brazil in the future.