Daughters of Urbastis

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I was wondering in what Book and where abouts you can find out more about the Daughters of Urbastis??

I have a little off cut that Atlas Games put up as a teaser to the book, but i can't remember what the Book's title was??

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Always remember that google is your friend :wink:

users.tpg.com.au/tfergus/daughte ... bastis.htm

I used them in a piece of fiction for Mythic Perspectives a very long time ago. I also wrote them on a web page a very long time ago. They are mentioned, kind of, in the Jerbiton bit of Societates, where it talks about how the Black Cat Lineage has political structure.

I used them in a piece of fiction for Mythic Perspectives a very long time ago. I also wrote them on a web page a very long time ago. They are mentioned, kind of, in the Jerbiton bit of Societates, where it talks about how the Black Cat Lineage has political structure.

I have to say what I did get from your Website I liked it a lot!!:slight_smile:

Do you have any plans to expand on the Daughters of Urbastis in any point in the Future at all, as they are so intriguing and I would love to see more about them!

As I would Love to find out more about the background and history of the Daughters of Urbastis, and even maybe a few more Different versions of them!

Also is there in any of All the Ars Magica Books anything anything about the God of Cats Bast at all? (I think he is a Egyptian God off the Top of my Head?).

Note: Also here is a bit of Information about my Adopted Sisters who are a couple of Daughters of Urbastis, and a African Tribe I came across who where all Panther Shape Shifters!

In the game I play in my Character's parents have adopted a couple of them, so they are my characters younger sisters, they have a habit of running up at him, when he has been away for a while and shape changing into their Panther form and jumping on him, flattening him and licking his face!

A size 2 Panther aren't the lightest thing around I have found out!

My Character also came across a village in deep Africa where they are all , can shape change into Panthers as well. But they aren't Daughters of Urbastis, I had to go deep into the African Jungle to retrieve a special herb to save the Royal Family of the Fae Court where I live!

They said I could have it, if I defeated a Infernal demon in a swap near their Village, so I thought I would get it over quickly, so they showed me to the swap and I used all the Vim Vis I had on me and blew up the swap killing the Demon in one shot!

But I kind of over done it, as then they saw that I was a Powerful Warrior, so I had to fight the Village Champion, which I did, even though I got my butt seriously kicked, but luckily I ended up winning!

So they gave me the Herbs I needed to save the all my Family back at the , Court & I ended up having to Marry the Princess who was the Chief of the Village's Daughter, seeing how I had proven myself to be a Mighty Warrior who wasn't afraid of demon!

I couldn't refuse, because if I did I wouldn't of got the Herbs, they would of Killed the Princess even though she was the Chiefs Daughter, because they would of seen it, as I thought she wasn't worthy of being my wife & I most likely would of also had to fight the whole village of these Panther Shape Changers to get the herbs and get out of there!

So I ended up with the Princess of the African Tribe as a Bride, and quickly left the Village to get back to the Fae Court, no sooner was I a long, long distance from the African Village, well and truly way beyond their boundary's.

I quickly encased her in ice and Travels back to Fae Court which was in France, and I ended up putting the African Princess into a Magical Freezer in my Lab, till the Royal Family were all safely healed and when I could come up with a good way to brake it to my two Wives that I happened to get married while trying to save them all!

It didn't end up going down well with my wives, one who is a High Elf Princess and the other is a Wilderness Sprite, the one I never could tell was the Size 7 White Dragon I was also mated to, as she would of killed her on the spot, as she was jealous to the max!

Luckily it wasn't true love between the Princess and myself so i was able to get a bit of help from a strong Mentem Specialist and she is now happily married to a Warrior living in the village near our house in a Faerie Regio!

Moral to the Story: Don't Overdo it with Magic and Make a HUGE Explosion that will empress those who aren't scared of Magic, and make you look like you are really more Powerful than you actually are, as it will 9 times out of 10 get you buried up to your neck in crap!!:stuck_out_tongue:

In the Cat Family I have only found one other that I even more Powerful and Dangerous that a Daughter of Urbastis, and that is a Size 3 Lion of Virtue who can Shape Change! (Well he can now anyway, with my Daughters Help!)

Also I would like to let you know that you are my Favourite Writers for Ars Magica Books & also the things that don't make it into the Official Books, to be able to find them Posted on your Website or on other Ars Magica Sites!

[i]If only we could also get a Full and Complete Version of your Familiar Binding Book, including the part that was in Mythic Perspectives #7, I think it would be a Excellent Addition to one of the Future Ars Magica Releases!

I Can only Cross my fingers and Hope!!:P[/i]

Keep up the Excellent Work!

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Ah, I'm not working on them at the moment because there are other things in my life that need doing. I suppose the big question would be "Is Bast a Faerie, a Magical spirit, or a representative of the Divine?" I imagine she's a faerie, but that she's one of those faeries you sometimes see that like magic and are "on side" with magical creatures. Regardless, how she'd be designedand played is a bit dependant on RoP:Magic, and the theoretical RoP: Faeries.

Also, there's not a lot of point until RoP:Magic is out. The TOC for Magic is up, and it says:

The Magical Lineages of Cats.......... 70
Magical Powers.................................71
Cats’ Greater or Lesser .
Magical Powers.................................71
Personal Magical Powers for Cats.....73

Now...I can't discuss that at all, because I'm credited as an author on the book, but HoH:S page 48, says that these cats have a form of folk magic which will be described in RoP:M.

There's no point in my working on magical cats, of any variety, until I see what people think of RoP:M.

So would I. I think that the cat goddesses of Egypt are fascinating. Bast has a sort of sister goddess who has lion's head and is the bodyguard of the guy who might be the Divine in the Egyptian cosmology, so she's a sort of vicscious preadtory version of the Archangel Michael. Deeply weird and cool stuff.

Very little, because the Order has not really ever got into lower Egypt which is where she did her stuff. There was a mention of a cat cemetary in Covenants which is likely a worship site of hers, but that's about it.

I read of a care worker for abused and abandoned animals who has a pet panther who does the same thing. The panther was called Ruby and the book was..."Tribe of the Tiger"? Anyway, her handler runs from her and Ruby chases her down and punces on her back, claws in, and then knocks her to the groundand mouths/suckles/treads on her shoulder. While she is doing it, she purrs, or hums. Apparently its the creepiest sound, initially. Makes the hackles rise on the back of your neck, until you are used ot it and then its like a massive purring noise that you can feel through the ground if you are near her.

[Bit of snippage here.]

I think RoP:M will likely replace it entirely. My book worked with the mechanics for Ars 3, but the mechanics for Ars 5 are a lot smoother. I'm glad people liked it, though.

Thanks for your kind words.

I don't know if it will help, but a while back I wrote up a set of rules for ancient Egyptian magic, available on SHR:

geocities.com/sanctumhr/Spec ... magic.html

They were written for ArM4, but I imagine that with a little tweaking they could be used in 5th ed.

Important Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt:

Do you have anything on the Goddess Ishtar at all??

Like you do have listed for all the other Gods and Goddess you have listed?

Wasn't she a Babylonian goddess?

I think your right!

But she was known by a couple of names...

So one of them possibly could of been one of the Ancient Egypt Goddess??

I may have confused things because the illustration used in my rules set happens to be a picture of Ishtar...

Ishtar (or Inanna) was a Mesopotamian goddess of love and war. She was patron of the cities of Uruk, Niniveh and Erbil, and she is probably best known for her "involvement" with the fertility god Dumuzi/Tammuz and her feuding with the hero Gilgamesh.

I would recommend reading the myths "The Descent of Ishtar" and "The Epic of Gilgamesh":


Perhaps the funniest moment in the latter is when Gilgamesh's friend Enkidu slap Ishtar around the face with a dead bull's leg...

I hope that this helps.

Well, it's in there - the Black, White & Tortoiseshell Lineages.

Looks good Timothy.