Debates instead of Certamen

No I would never remove Certamen from Ars Magica lol, but...

Have any of you used the debate rules from Societates: House Tytalus on a wider scale? Making it a common occurence among magi? It does seem that outside House Tytalus it could be a rather peaceful way of negotiating and solving differences, which does not include the right to cast a spell on the loser etc...

Also, let us face it - it makes for a cool concept like "Debate club mage" :slight_smile:

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I havent yet had the chance to do so but the thought has occurred to me. My group is both new to ars magica and our play focuses on non-violent interactions and an order of Hermes that is able to effectively police itself, and in that context a debate fits much better than a duel that allows the winner to cast spells on the loser.

I am waiting for the opportune moment at which it comes up organically through play and where my group is ready to learn yet more rules.

I am glad to hear if anyone has experience with this and will happily share my own experiences once they are accumulated.

Sounds good - I just reread the Tytalus section and to me it makes sense for something mose apprentices would receive a big of grounding in...esp some of the more academic/peaceful houses.

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We used it once in Tribunal when our Tytalus and an NPC Merinita was accused of misuse of magical power.

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