Demon's Eternal Oblivion rules question

I just have a rules question concerning the Demon's Eternal Oblivion spell and those like it. The spell listed in the core book explains that, at voice range, it will reduce the target's might score by the level of the spell. In the guidelines, this corresponds to reducing a target's might score by the spell level plus 10, since adding 2 magnitudes for voice range will increase the level by 10 and therefore make the damage equal to the total level.

Question: Suppose the base you wish to use for DEO is extremely low, say, one, and you add 2 magnitudes for voice range. How much damage can this do to a demon? Does the spell reduce the demon's might by 3 (since it is a level 3 spell), or does it reduce the demon's might by 11 (since that is the base plus 10)?

As a house clarification, we hold it that the extra levels should be +2 Magnitudes. So in DEO they are added to the range (voice +2 mag) so a level 1 DEO rips one Might (but with whopping penetration) at voice range.

At touch range a level one spell would strip 2 points of might.

Ok. That is acceptable (but sad). I wanted to do base 0, level 2, for 10 damage, but oh well.

In the core book its clearly statified that its +10 levels, not +2 magnitudes.
And what is wonderful, its that house rule is corerule for my troupe :smiley:

And, guess who is the young perdo master in the troupe? :slight_smile: