DEO / guideline contradiction

How much might do each of the following knock off if they penetrate?

a) Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi5
b) Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi10

According to the spell:

a) 5 Might
b) 10 Might

According to the guideline:

a) 13 Might
b) 14 Might

The spell and the guideline agree when the guideline reaches level 5 and the spell reaches level 15. But below that they disagree. Thoughts? Which is the way it's supposed to be?


I don't have the rulebook to hand, but it sounds like the magnitude step that happens at level five is causing this. Up to level 5, adding one magnitude adds one level, not five. So a Base 2 spell at Touch, Momentary, Individual is level 3 (Base 2 +1 for touch). A Base 5 spell at Touch, Momentary, Individual is level 10 (Base 5 +1 for touch).

Is that what's going on here?

In the guideline it's said "+10 levels" and not "+2 magnitudes".
That's the issue.

Oh. Well then, simply take a pen and scratch out "+10 levels" and replace it with "+2 magnitudes".

I think that it's worth mentioning that might doesn't come in magnitudes only spells do. The construction "of a might equal to the level of a spell of base level + 2 magnitudes" is sufficiently clunky that despite its accuracy it would prompt more questions than it answered.

The guidelines are after all just guidelines, the weirdness that comes about when the DeO spell guideline is taken below level 5 might reasonably be ignored by anyone who isn't thinking that the guidelines are hard and fast rules.

Edit: upon rereading this post, I see that it comes across as far more arrogant than I intended it to. Please read it with a healthy quantity of "this is just my opinion" sprinkled on it.

I've bumped into that problem recently and that's how we agreed to play it from now :wink:

  • Nicolas -

I just noticed that Unraveling the Fabric of (Form) has a similar contradiction, though it's in the other direction. The guideline uses magnitudes while the spell uses levels.

Wouldn't you say the same thing about casting totals (which are die rolls plus/minus numbers)? Yet when referring to casting totals the guidelines use magnitudes.