Design question for the podcast

Gang, would it cause people distress if, in the new year, I moved from the current page size (which is 8 3⁄8” x 10 7⁄8 based on a paper magazine) to A4?
A4 is physically easier for me to handle, if I ever create a printout. It's a metric size (well, a European standard size).

Basically, are there a heap of Americans who print it on paper? If not, there's no real harm in the change.

8.27x11.69 (the conversion back into inches) means that if we did need to print it we could do a page fit and lose about 6% text size (just an estimate). We probably won't even notice.

Personally if I where to print it I would have to re-size it to A4 any way. So I say A4 works very well. =)

A4 for the win!