Destroy the virtus

i don't find this in the spell guideline.
Can a hermetic magus could create a spell to destroy vis pawn ?
This spell can be use to destroy infernaly tainted vis (Infesta, sordida and Prava)
Maybe a Perdo Vim
Comsumme 1 pawn of vis
Base X +1 touch, +0 Momentary +0 for individual

Can we can create a Intellego Vim to feel the alignement of the vis pawn ?
Magic vis : Blue Color
Faerie vis : Green color
Infernal vis : Red
Divine vis : white
Base X + 1 Touch +1 Concentration, +4 Sight.
Your commentary are welcome !

Well, we know that Hermetic magic cannot detect the Infernal. This is specifically addressed in Realms of Power: the Infernal when they're talking about infernal vis. So yes, an Intellego Vis spell could absolutely be devised to determine vis alignment with realms, but Infernal vis will show up as regular vis, at least most of the time.

Destroying vis is probably a PeVi effect similar to Disenchant, with each point of magnitude equal to each pawn of vis destroyed.

As for detecting realm alignment, doctorcomics is correct, RoP:I states that infernal vis cannot be detected by Hermetic magic (the spell might work as a Holy Magic variant, or as a Divine power, but both those options are more "house rules" than direct implications from the rules as written).

Yes it's truth p 18 [i]real of power inferna[/u] : Infernal tainted vis, examined using hermetic magic, appear to be regular vis and the taint can not be detected".
Detect the vis alignement
Intellego Vim
The magus cant d├ętect the alignement (Magic, faerie or divine) oh the vis pawn. Infernal vis could not be detected (Limit of the infernal).
Base 1 (detect a mystical aura) + 1 Touch +1 Concentration, +4 Sight +2 to detect faerie plus divine.
Spell Level 25

Destroy the vis
The magus destroy a number of vis pawn equal to the magnitude of the spell.
The minimal magnitude is 1 for 1 pawn of vis.
Base effect + 1 Touch + 0 Momentary + 0 Individual
Spell Level 5

The spells are correct for you ?

I wouldn't add the two magnitudes to detect faerie or divine - you're detecting the alignment of the vis, and Infernal just gives a false reading.

Detecting Infernal taint requires a specialist.

The rules book says page 158 "Different spells may be invented to detect faerie divine or infernal effect"
The level 2 spell "Sense of the magical power" the last sentence says "Other spell do the same for other kind of aura"
If i don't add + 2 for supplementary effect the spell will tell me if the vis pawn is magic or not.
And i should invent 2 other spells for divine and faerie.
With the +2 i have 1 spell for everything.
Your commentary ?

Isn't there a guideline to destroy vis in Dies Irae?

I don't known.
Someone could confirm ?

Cast a level 1 spell without fatigue and expands most vis? IIRC some (infernal?) vis may force a roll, but not the majority of it.

I would just destroy the item containing it. "insubstantial vis" is not likely to be found.

Because leaving insubstantial infernal vis lying around is a good idea... not.

If you have any issue with potential infernal vis, just go to your closest holy man and ask him to purge evil from your vis.

Yes we could purge the infernal vis with the help of a holy man.

I have a a different point of view on this topic. Perhaps a bit modern, so feel free to disagree. On the other hand, I think it can generates interesting stories.

IMHO, raw vis cannot be destroyed, nor can it be created. It behaves as the modern concept of energy. So it transforms, concentrates, dissipates, moves. So a spell that "destroys" raw vis would basically do the same thing as destroying the physical container would -- it just releases the corresponding energy into the surrounding environment as fluid vis. What does this mean? It could result in spontaneous manifestations of the corresponding Realm. The larger the amount of vis released, the more likely and severe the manifestations would be.

This means that "destroying" infernal vis with magic is both unwise and dangerous.

The only way to get rid of the undesirable aspects of infernal vis would be Divine power. And probably not the kind that can be wielded by mortals.

Now, whether Hermetic magi know of this at all, or it is a theory that some believe to be true, or it is a boradly accepted fact, is really up to each individual saga. Each provides the potential for different stories. :smiley:

Cleanse the Verminous Vis, from ROP:infernal p.122 can cleanse vis down (through multiple castings) to regular magical vis.

This is extremely tangential to the topic, but I've read that spell a couple of times, and I have a consistent issue where, due to how unusual the pronunciation of the v in "vis" is (from my modern English-exclusive perspective), I end up pronouncing it like "wareminous wees" rather than "verminous wees"...

Yes maybe the vis il simply transforming. But use infernal vis is dangerous for hermetic magii and let this vis intact
it could be use by infernalist or corrupt the place. Take it to be sanctified by a holy man is dangerous too.
Risk of corruption, a Guernicus think you are a infernalist...
Destruction is a good solution but no official guideline.

In the supplement Dies Irae page 106

Thanks for all of you
the final spell
Destroy the corrupted vis
Perdo Vim
Level : 2
The magus destroy 2 pawn of vis.
Base effect + 2 voice + 0 Mom. + 0 Ind.