Details about the Grand Tribunal

I've been looking through my books trying to find details about how the Grand Tribunal works, but I'm not having much luck. So, I thought i'd come to the group mind. Can anyone direct me to where those rules are set forth?

GotF has a section on the Rhine Tribunals, including a description of the location of the Grand Tribunal, in Ch. 3.

The Wizard's Grimoire, from 4th ed has stuff, also in Ch. 3 - page 19 for Tribunals in general and page 24 has more specifics on the Grand Tribunal.

Not sure if there's more in 5th ed.

Thanks, that had generally the information I was looking for.


HoH:TL makes it explicit that the Primus of Bonisagus is Praeco and the Primus of Guernicus is presiding Quaesitor for the grand tribunal. Most Bonisagi are required to attend. Otherwise, the Bonisagus section directs you to Guardians of the Forest.