Detecting Arcane Connection: Possible?

How would one confirm that an item is an arcane connection? After writing a letter, you cast a PeVi spell to break the arcane connection. Is there a way to verify that the spell succeeded without using it to target yourself? It's not necessarily super difficult, as Faerie Sight explicitly & automatically informs the viewer whether something is arcane connection and whether it connects to a human.

You can start from this:

If you know where the person is, It allows you to check, whether the thing you are holding is an AC to her. And it doesn't force you to cast the spell at R: Arcane Connection to do so.

So the following spell should do for you - and most magi are likely able to spont it at least in their lab:

InCo 4 Verify the Link (Base 3, R: Touch, D: Mom) This spell tells you, whether the body of the person you touch is in the place of the body of the person, to which the item you hold is an AC. If there is only one person's body in that place, this spell verifies whether the item is an AC to the touched person.
Things may become tricky e. g., if the person you touch is pregnant and your AC is to the fetus.



Everything is an AC to something, at least briefly, so instant confirmation! :slight_smile:

So an InX spell at AC range to detect something of Form X can tell you what the item is connected to (unless the target has great Size or there are too many of them), or even if it is an AC to some specific entity of Form X. An InVi(Y) might be able to tell you what an item of Form Y is connected to... though there is no guideline for that iirc. Probably an sensory Intellego spell could show the connections within sensory range. I suspect a visual spell would be needed, since there will always be connections, most of which are uninteresting.

Faerie Sight is a Faerie ability not usually available, and these can do all sorts of things, including break Greater Limits of Magic. So a comparison might not apply.