Differences betwixt Normandy and Provencal Tribunals

Salve, Sodales!

In my saga, wherein I am trying to get mileage out of every adventure published for Ars Magica, Calebais has just been discovered.

It turns out that it is many miles south west of the player's covenant, deep in the Provencal Tribunal. The mages, due to recent problems, are thinking they may need a backup plan due to a civil war that has erupted in the north or France, which may imperil their small castle. Establishing Calebais as a secondary covenant, perhaps to be taken over by their apprentices one day, is their plan.

NOW, I'd like to have some bits and pieces to show the difference in the culture and laws of the two Tribunals.

However, I don't have a lot of the older sourcebooks handy that deal with Mistridge, etc.

What do we know about the Provencal Tribunal? Is there much canon stuff out there?

That said, given the Lion and the Lily's portrayal of the Normandy Tribunal, what might be some differences?

I think that with two books you wil lhave a greatideia of the Provencal tribunal: Mistridge and Covenats 2nd edition. I use these books more CAlebais and Twelth Night to create my version of Provencal Tribunal - Look my map here - maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8& ... 77&t=p&z=9

Hm, ok. Dug out those two books, thanks.

Alrighty... perhaps there's a Provencal Tribunal book being written and people are loath to discuss.

I should perhaps change the question then:

What interesting takes on the Provencal Tribunal have people seen? I think I'm mainly considering Hermetic Law and Tribunal Traditions.

Avecchi - love the use of Google maps (and reminded me of climbing some of the hills in the area). I've used their terrain myself in the Ardennes. I wish there was a way of getting the map without the modern roads but with the towns. Better still, it would be great to get editable versions of the maps (rather than having to take a screen scrape) and then scaling them.

OK - nothing to do with your question. Here' s a thought though - surely the Hermetic situation in part would reflect the mundane political - the wars between English crown in Aquitaine/Gascony and the French king. Given the recent Albigensian crusade / land grab by northerners one could imagine the local mag supporting the local nobility and English vs the northerners (including the Hermetics from Normandy Tribunal). This may be a theme in the old 2nd/3rd edition books I do not have.

Re maps - then I see the other new topic - on Google maps - doh!

I've always seen Provencal as quite arcane. Kind of like Ken Hite's Cabal (see my review here: rpg.net/news+reviews/reviews/rev_5239.html). Afterall, there's loads of Templars, Kabbalists, Hospitallers, crusades, Dominicans, Cathars, Grail Lore, and so on.

If it can help, here is a Saga/Covenant based in the Provencal Tribunal: darmont.free.fr/arm/?page=arm-pont&lang=eng

Another Covenant that migrated from the Provencal Tribunal: darmont.free.fr/arm/?page=arm-isla&lang=eng

The characters are probably the most interesting features. You can have some more if you read French!