Dispelling Parma Magica

I have searched and found countless topics on this issue. My question is regarding the officially printed spell on dispelling Parma Magica. I know a recent product actually had an 'unravel parma magica' printed - I just can't remember which. Can someone please post the spell in question and the book that it is printed in? Thank you

I don't remember where. I'm pretty sure there is actually more than one printed version, I think one as a spell and one in an item. But they all do the same thing. They use the same guideline as Unraveling the Fabric of (Form) uses - dispelling a specific type of magic. I hope that helps.


Cultellus Magi of Hermes page 31

Winds of Mundane Silence, from the core book, will drop the Parma.


Thanks Erik but I was referring to which book gave the guideline of using Perda Vim - Unraveling the Fabric Form (Vim) vs Parma Scores. Is it the same book? (I just purchased the PDF).

The guideline is in ArM5 itself. That's what I was mentioning above. It uses the same (not just similar, but truly the same) guideline as Unraveling the Fabric of (Form) - dispelling a specific type of magic. To understand how to calculate spell level equivalents for Parma Magica for use with the guidelines, look at Wind of Mundane Silence.


Page 160 of ArM5? It's not exactly the guideline, but it's close:

WoMS requires it double the (Parma Ability score * 5) to blow away the Parma.


Wrong guideline. That's the Wind of Mundane Silence guideline. You want the specific magic guideline, not the general one. It's the guideline used by Unraveling the Fabric of (Form).

Yes, and since the doubling is not in the specific guideline, the rule for the Parma dispeller is that it has to match or exceed (Parma Magica x 5).


Why would you use this one? UtFo* doesn't mention Parma, while WoMS does...


Because WoMS specifically blows down any effect, known or unknown, while UtFo* are based on the guideline for dispelling a specific type of known effect. This board has seen some debate as to what that actually means, but since every hermetic magus knows (should know) the Parma Magica ability itself and since it is somewhat integrated into hermetic theory, it is generally considered a 'known, specific' effect.

I swear, there is a book out there that specifically lists the guideline for perdo vim bringing down parma. It basically lists the spell and/or guideline used by the Cultellus item - which is an unraveling the fabric form (vim)


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Noting that ArM5 already includes the guideline that is needed (it's a specific type of known magic), there is no need for a supplemental guideline at all, so I would not have expected to find one in the first place.

Second, I'm the one who compiles the list of supplemental guidelines for the Atlas pdf, and I haven't found it and no one has sent me a message to correct such an oversight. I compiled that list having pored through many hundreds of pages looking for guidelines, including catching some that were hidden in spells/effects. Meanwhile a few of the more involved members have sent me corrections.

Based on all that, I'd say it's unlikely such a guideline is listed.


Excellent and thank you - totally forgot about the atlas PDF!

Projects page 85 Break the Shield

Thank you! I am not crazy!

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