Dispelling personal range spells

So, lets say that you have a Magi who casts a protective spell such as Ward Against Heat and Flames, or Ward Against Wood, which is cast at personal range.

To dispel this using Perdo Vim, would you also need to penetrate parma first to do so?
I believe it would, but wanted to double check.

Yes, the PeVi spell will need to penetrate any Magic Resistance the magus may have. This is true even if the protective spell had been cast with some range other than Personal.


If the caster of the PeVi effect is the magus, or in general the recipient of the Ward effect being dispelled, then I'd say NO, as long as the PeVi effect is cast with R:Per. Basically, one can dispel magic on oneself without needing to penetrate one's own Parma, if the dispel has R:Per.

If the caster of the PeVi effect is someone (or something) other than the recipient of the Ward, then yes.

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Note that the caster can also temporarily suppress his own magical resistance (both Parma and Form resistance) when he casts on himself. It leaves him vulnerable for a moment, but that is all.

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