divination material bonus and attunement

On the shape/material bonus list, it shows Hazel as +3 to divination. Since the ArM5 book was printed before the publication of Divination as a mystery in Mysteries, what was it referring to? It doesn't say "+3 Intellego", therefore what is categorized as a divination, disregarding the later published rules? If I use that bonus as a talisman attunement, what spells will it apply to?

I used it as any spell that when cast directly provides information to t he caster Most in tellego that weren't magical sense spells fell into this catagory

It requires some troupe adjudication. Many, perhaps most, Intellego spells would fall under divination, but not all. Spells that would not get the bonus would include spells that allow the caster to speak to a beast (InAn), to have sight unimpeded by weather phenomena such as fog (InAu), or to perfect his memory about an image he has encountered (InIm).