Do I need requisites to teleport clothed or not?

Correct, just get the level low enough.
But so what? :wink:

+1 to callen, btw.

I was in a campaign where one of the party members used teleportation semi-frequently. My view is somewhat akin to the D&D view - a particular journey is usually only interesting once, so teleporting to a place you've reached the normal way already is usually a net positive for the game. ACs die quickly on their own and locking them in for permanent use takes precious seasons, so it's not usually efficient to prepare them pre-emptively unless you've already been somewhere and know you'll need to go back repeatedly.


Or you can have stories of companions and grogs going to get the ACs...

And even that is being kind. In more hack and slash games, getting randomly assaulted by brigands, monsters, etc on a journey can be a slight distraction from the main plot.

In a game like Ars Majica, generally any party traveling should be well equipped to deal with most random threats, that it's just a bit boring.

Travel should be something like "You spend {x} days traveling to {location}. Each night you stayed in a tavern, There were the usual micro-agressions people with the gift have to live with, but nothing too serious". and then do the actual adventure. If the journey happens in 30 seconds of game time, by a quick explanation, or with a teleport, I'm content.

I appreciate in the real world the journey is part of the experience, not just the destination, however, I think that doesn't translate too well in RPGs. The story guide can easily manufacture an experience for the players without needing travel, so if a PC spend character resources for teleport, why restrict them?

A journey can be an opportunity for plot points though as well- being accosted by brigands may get repetitive, but being followed by an agent of a Tytalus, or discovering a young runaway who might be an interesting addition to the covenant if his master doesn't reclaim his apprentice first can be interesting side stories that happen en route.

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Agreed, however, it is not a reason to make teleportation challenging to near impossible. If people need to travel and have no teleportation, great, encounters on the road can be a means to drive the story. Someone teleports so there's no travel, there's still many other ways to drive the story.

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Grogs and companions already limit teleportation. If you want to travel with your coven folk and don't want to Warp them, you've got to deal with things in another way. Or invent stuff that won't Warp your companions; and if you go through that much effort you deserve the benefits.


If you have an Arcane Connection to the place, you can go and teleport. You have taken time and effort to be able to do that, and should be able to use it.
The downside is that if there were small stories to be told along the way, you will have missed them, and that might be fine as well.

I have a Bjornaer I'm playing that cuts down on both travel time by flying in his eagle form, and it's been a great help when we started surveying sweden to choose a site for our chapter house, as he was able to see further ahead from his flight, and few creatures were able to interact with him.

"Seven League Stride" teleportation requires many castings to go to a destination beyond the horizon that you don't have an Arcane Connection.

The one time one of my players tried that I required a few Finesse rolls to arrive properly on the snow covered hillside they were aiming for.
I left off the bits were the mage had to trudge around tree covered hills, Nor did I throw in much in the wat of visibility modifiers, though in retrospect perhaps I should have.
Nor did I require mapping rolls, as I assumed the Redcap described the route very well. Perhaps I should have on the journey back, as the mage had been wined and dined well.

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Seven League Stride wouldn't allow one to cross from Denmark to Sweden though. You don't have enough range.
But sure, Seven League Stride can be a big help if you have it as formulaic, and can reliably cast it. But that can still allow you to engage with things on the way.

Seven leagues are about 35 kilometers.
So both passing over the Øresund and the Great Belt isn't an issue of range.


I never ended up using the rule because my players weren't Corpus specialist, but I intended for the requisite to depend on if the location the players could travel to was in closed or semi enclosed space or not, over the ocean. The implication was that without requisites, you're just speeding along the land scape at high speeds. With requisites, true teleportation could be achieved, including going into closed rooms, within castle walls, etc...
Not exactly cannon and if I were to run another game, I would probably have AC teleportation spells without requisites merely speed up the time it takes to get to a destination depending on the base level of the spell.

If you don't have an Arcane Connection, you are limited to Line of Sight. Can you see Sweden from Denmark? (asking as someone who has never visited the Northern Hemisphere)

As someone who lives in Denmark (Copenhagen) to be specific, the answer is yes... some of the time.

It is quite common to be able to see the lights from sweden at night when near the coast of copenhagen. During the day it is harder but I dont doubt that with a sharp eye, good weather conditions and a bit of luck you could pull it off. Afterall I rarely go around searching for line of sight with sweden as this line of sight is of little use to me.

However even more fortunately there are a number of small islands in Øresund which would allow for island hopping in case visibility is low.

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Copenhagen isn't where the countries are closest though.
A bit further north, you can easily see across the strait between the cities of Helsingör (on the Danish side) and Helsingborg (on the Swedish side)

Over the Øresund from Helsingborg in Sweden to Helsingør in Denmark it is just some 4 kilometers. Yes, you can look that far at reasonable light and weather.

Seeing over the Belt does not work every day, of course. But the "scout island" Sprogø helps. Just moving upwards a few ten paces helps as well.

Today there are bridges even over the Belt.

Here is the East Bridge end-to-end, to check line of sight on a fotogenic evening:

The West Bridge is about as wide - but far less showy.

So it's possible, but it's not a consistent thing, so unless you have an AC, you might be unable to teleport there, if you're in a rush, if the conditions aren't right.
I'd still have my Bjornaer use his eagle form to cross. It might take longer, but he likes being able to fly, and it is more reliable to use.

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The trick is the weather.
Very much so.

I highly recommend that scene from Riget where Ernst Hugo Jaregård climbs on top of the hospital to look at Sweden and slag off Denmark...


Altitude and geography are also factors. A bjorner eagle who can cast in eagle form could see a very long ways to teleport...