Do sigils and twilight scars have to penetrate?

Imagine you have the sigil, side effect virtue/flaw or twilight scar that makes people feel cold for a moment.

Is a magus with a high parma (too high for penetration) affected by any of these - if he is a bystander I mean?

I would say that he is immune. I would treat those effects as having penetration 0 if necessary.


I would say he notices it but it doesnt affect him.

I think this is a question of only opinion I recall no passages that give an answer that would force us to split the options into agree with the published material /doesn't agree with it sides.

I think that twilight scars shouldn't need to penetrate while sigils should penetrate in accordance with the penetration of the spell that they're tied to.

If you cold magically protect against twilight scars I think that one could make a strong argument that you could magically manipulate them in other ways. That's an argument that I don't wish to have. Sigils on the other hand are clearly subject to manipulation by other magic.

I like my twilight scars to be on all the time.

Seconded. If the spell the sigil is attached to penetrates, so does the sigil. Twilight scars should completely ignore Parma, as they are beyond the grasp of HM.

There should be no way that a mage can protect themself against their own scars. They don't have to "penetrate", they are already part of the mage.

Against bystanders, I (also) feel they should need to penetrate - but it's almost a coin toss.

Sigils too - this is an advantage and disadvantage of Parma.

No need for an argument - as SG, simply state that it can't be done.

I'm not a big fan of the "Shut up and sit down!" type of explanation, but there are times when it's best for all concerned. :wink:

I would think that Twilight Scars become part of your Gift. Thus, they can be blocked by Parma but you cannot change or alter them with magic (just as you cannot alter or suppress the other effects of your Gift).

That's exactly how I play them.

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