Doctor, doctor...

Folks, I'm wondering about possible new social standings.

The saga that I'm trying to set up will have several hooks set in universities around Mythic Europe. A few of these will necessarily require interaction and, possibly, adventure with some faculty members. The thought is that the facuty will have a different social position than "just your regular old Magister in Artibus." Also, I'm not finding much that I'm comfortable in relying on on how one progressed from Magister in Artibus to, say, Doctor of Theology. Finally, an NPC will be progressing from new student to faculty member during the couse of the saga and I'd like som opinions n how to model that.

What are your thoughts?


Very quickly:

here's an old, but very decent article on academic titles at medieval universities.

Its gist is, that normally Magister and Doctor are interchangable as to the social status they provide.

As usual in everything medieval, look out for special cicumstances and local exceptions, though.

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If you don't want to muck around too much with gradations within a social station you might consider applying a small Presence bonus to a higher ranking member of the social class that only applies to a lower member of that class. Maybe +1/step difference?

Most people "out of the loop" probally aren't any more inpressed with one title over another. Of course a particurally sucessfully doctor could get the Wealthy virtue, changing his situation quite a bit. I think most teachers realize this is a mythic pipe dream :smiley:

Going from a +1 social virtue to a +3 is a big deal, there's not much need to worry about small changes within them, in my opinion.