Does AC Range Include Lesser Ranges

I've long wondered whether the range Arcane Connection includes the lesser ranges. The easiest example is Leap of Homecoming. Can you use it for line-of-sight teleportation as well as teleporting to a location that you have an AC for? Is being able to see something (i.e., having the visual species of what you're seeing) the equivalent of having an AC? Clearly you're better off with a spell that only has the range you need, since the level will be lower and it will be easier to cast. But what if you have the higher spell already? Do you need to get Seven-League Stride when you have Leap of Homecoming?

This question obviously applies to many other spells. But this was an easy example.

Interesting that leap of homecoming does not include the ability to leap to a place the Magi's can see, but the stride can. Never noted that.

My first impression is that the ranges are separate and cannot be used in that manner. Even for AC I don't think it is a special case (Well unless the spell is specifically designed to do so).

The reason is based upon:

  • magic cannot switch between the other ranges without MuVi enhancement, or a virtue.
  • the leverage of those spells and virtues is narrow - meaning that it only shifts the effect up, same, or down one increment.
  • OtIT in ReVi specifically mentions using other ranges in the spell description, which is not mentioned anywhere else.
  • and I guess it's a preference for how I understand the ranges working.


Range Voice does not include range Touch, Eye or Self: No speaky, no, um, somethingy.

Range AC similarly requires an AC.



That's one of the reasons why Intangible Tunnel is so useful, as it does that translation for you; ie, it turns a Touch spell into a Voice/Sight/AC range effect. (only 1 of those, specified at casting, though, of course.) Arguably, you could probably design an Intangible Tunnel effect that had Sight AND AC range built into it (casters choice at the time of casting), using +1 or +2 complexity. However, as the Tunnel needs to penetrate, that's probably not something you want to do unless your ReVi is high enough for it not to be an issue.

We had that topic recently at some length here:


You are wrong. The target of the 7LS is personal, not AC. The reach of the teleport effect is up to a 7 leagues. So, you must see the place or have an arcane connection. This is not meaning that AC range can be used when you see a person without an AC. The unique discussion is about a touch range: is a thing allways an AC of himself and is touching and AC suficient to 'have it'? i think the discussion is ont the cited thread.

Good catch here. Range and "range" are different things in the context of this spell.

Reading the ReCo guidelines and example spells, it seems the the flexibility the OP desires is included only in the level 30 guideline, and not in the level 35. So I'd say the answer is "No" with respect to the listed spell. Including the extra funtionality is probably worth an extra magnitude.

Personally, I'm not a fan of arcane range teleports. They make Mythic Europe too small a place. I'd make the level 35 guideline require a ritual if it were up to me.

A 35th level spell isn't trivial to cast. While a lot of magi will have decent corpus scores, not all will. Realistically you need to have Te+Fo+Sta of 25 to get this spell off successfully in a neutral aura. Again, not trivial for the non-specialist. So, no, I don't think it makes Mythic Europe too small. Hen there is the question of episodes, it's rather embarrassing to appear someone with out one's clothes. Or talisman. Or vis. Also, Auram flying spells, and much to my disagreement ReCo flying spells can move people at 40 mph. At that speed, mythic Europe can be small. Finally, the teleportation spells can often mean that the magus is on his own.