Does an aura modifier affect supernatural creature powers?

In the core book p183 it states that the aura "affects all supernatural activities that go on in that place."

So, does a Magical creature of Might Score 20 using a Power costing 1 Might point in a Magical Aura of 5 benefit in any way? Does this power gain greater penetration (formula on p 191 doesn't include an Aura bonus)? Does the creature gain greater magic resistance (again formula on p191 does not include Aura bonus)?

Do non-magi derive any benefit (or suffer any penalty) from an Aura at all?

yes and yes

Tellus, can you clarify?

How is this modifier figured into Penetration and Magic Resistance? Is the appropriate modifier simply added to those totals?

And where is this information specified in the rules?

basically, yeah

p. 183, below the table but still in the box.