Does anyone know what happened to Damelon Kimbrough?

I ask because I would love the chance to be able to purchase the Mythic Perspectives issues as pdfs.


Maybe the original authors have their articles and would be willing to republish them?
I seem to remember Timothy Ferguson mentioning that the rights on his articles have reverted back to him on his block...

I tried hunting him down for the very same reason back in 2008. I managed to get 3 issues in print and 7 in pdf and just never managed to get in touch with him. I did recently contact the gentleman responsible for the old Redcap fanzine and he said he'd look into sharing that with me, but I haven't heard back from him and I hate to be rude and pester him. I might try again.


I ran into him (Peter Hentges) at a party several years ago and also asked about getting the issues of Redcap that I didn't have. I emailed him but he didn't get back to me.

Damelon stopped being line editor, got married and moved to France in 2001, IIRC. This is about the same time that the last issue of MP was published. We collaborated briefly on the early version of Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited, but then he left that project to pursue other, non-Ars Magica related interests.

AFAIK, MP is not commercially available in PDF form at the moment.

Just got wondering the same thing. I scored all the issues back in the day at GenCon and even have a few issues of an even older zine called Redcap. Glad I could see some sort of update here in the forums.