Does anyone recall about 'increased understanding'.

I'm putting together index cards for books for an upcoming campaign. On them I'm putting places for all the constituent parts that make up a book's quality score. I'm doing this so that when we start altering qualities due to damage (wear and tear), any attempts to copy the book do not miscalculate the resulting quality.

While I was rummaging around in the rules for such things, something occurred to me. When they mention the bonus for writing a Summa at less then half your level, do you think they are implying 'less than the maximum level you could write'? I remember that in older editions (surfs parma) one could come out of twilight being able to write books on a particular art in excess of 1/2 the current score. Is that still in 5th ed? Does anyone have an opinion on what that would imply with regard to the rule about the bonus for writing as summa?

Increased understanding has been expunged from 5th edition afaik. If it resurfaced in a supplament somewhere, I am unaware of it. It is not in covenants.

Thanks. I think I remember that in the back of my head, but was just looking for confirmation from those who might recall better. I retain a decent amount of ArM rules and trivia in my head at any given time, post-twilight understanding effects just don't happen to be among them.

Yeah, that was 4th ed. stuff. (p 183)Increased understanding: Normally a magus can only write a summa that describes an Art up to half his score. This effect allows the magus to understand his highest Art more clearly, granting the ability to write up to two-thirds of its score (rounded down). The next occurrence of this effect raises the maximum to three-quarters; then five-sixths; and finally, the total Art score. The great magical tomes of the Order have almost all been written by magi who have undergone Twilight and have brought back insights to share with the rest. It was one way to explain obscenely large Summa levels, but that's all gone now, along with the previous version of the rules for writing those texts.

too bad, seems like it would be useful.

Otherwise wouldn't you need extremely high art scores to write a summa of any real value, let alone summa for an ability such as magic theory?

There are suggested ways to increase effective Level in some of the expansion books, but essentially, yes. Huge Summa imply even the author had an even huger personal Score in that Art.

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Studying from Vis and Tractatus becomes very important to achieve high Art scores.