Does Atlas Have Any Plans For FS2's Future?

Atlas Games has a multiple Ennie Award winning product in Feng Shui 2, yet it seems like FS2 gets virtually no support from them. Unless I missed something (always a likely possibility), there haven't been any new products for it, either actually brought to market or even announced, since Task Force 88, and that was two years ago.

Could someone from Atlas please let us know if there are any plans for future Feng Shui 2 products? I have money I'm ready to throw at you guys.

I was at Origins yesterday, and I spoke briefly to Cam. I had two questions:

  1. Do you have anything in the pipeline for Feng Shui 2?

  2. Do you want anything in the pipeline for Feng Shui 2?

Answer to the first question was sort of "yes and no". Cam was working on a multi-episode campaign for FS2 called "The Fifth Monarch". He had writers, artists, and other resources lined up, but was not able to get it onto the Atlas Games production schedule, so it is currently in "Production Limbo". Right now Cam's busy working on other projects, and Atlas is focused on other areas, so Feng Shui 2 is currently on the back-burner. However, one interesting thing he did mention was that the Feng Shui 2 rulebook sold very well after the Kickstarter concluded, and this is somewhat unusual for Kickstarter projects. Perhaps this suggests some demand in the market that could support some additional FS2 releases?

I asked the second question because I wanted to know if there was something I could write for him that he might be interested in publishing. And that's a little complicated, as Atlas does not actually own the rights to Feng Shui, they license the game from Robin. Anything they publish for money would have to go through him.

We talked a bit about some ideas for fan-created material and how that might look, possibly through Drive-Thru RPG, possibly similar to what they do with Unknown Armies, but we weren't entirely sure what that would look like from an editorial/quality control perspective outside of a "free download".

So... my current plans after that meeting are to finish up the RTK posts I was working on a month or so ago, and then continue to work on an episodic "Cop Show" series of scenarios that I could release in installments. I'm hoping I might be able to playtest a few scenarios in the next year or so, and maybe publish the first one as a free PDF either on the Atlas website or DriveThru RPG. If there's a lot of interest in that, then publish the next scenario, and so on.

Thanks for sharing the highlights of you conversation with Cam about the future of FS2. I'd be interested in a new published campaign and would support it. But, with a new group of gamers that's never experienced FS(1 or2) I already have all of the prior published books. And that gives me years of FS roleplaying sessions.

Very nice to hear that Feng Shui 2 sold well. With some luck we'll get some additional products in the future. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info, Basselope. It's good to hear how well FS2 did with FS2. I hadn't realized that they didn't have the rights to produce more content. I suppose we have to nag Robin if we want more?

Probably not Robin. He's already moved on to other projects, so Feng Shui isn't really a front-burner kinda thing for him. The latest project he was promoting at Gencon was Cthulhu Confidential, part of the GUMSHOE One-2-One line. You would probably have better luck bugging Cam to get the Fifth Monarch back in production.

If you wanted more fan-made content, such as a collection of scenarios (similar to Back for Seconds or In Your Face Again), then Atlas would have to clear that with Robin (maybe just an email?), but Cam would likely be the one putting the book together. It would probably not be a print product, more likely a DriveThru RPG download.

I’m late to the party on FS2 but I see that some existing things like the GM screen are out of print now. This website mentions a reprint of FS2 planned around November 2019. That’s the only thing that indicates to me the game is still alive, but on the other hand, November is behind us now.

Also, I find very little support for the game when I google, like fan discussion or whatever. I picked up a copy at a local store earlier this year and I presume it had been sitting on their shelf for a long time before I came around.

We sold out the last copies of the previous printing in June.

The v2.0 (indicated on the title page) incorporating a ton of errata and other corrections will be arriving on a boat from China at our warehouse in the next couple of weeks.

We also have an adventure anthology in the works with cool new scenarios from Paul Dean, Jonathan Killstring, Paul Stefko, and James Mendez Hodes. More details and a release date on that in the near-ish future, I suspect.

I've also got the original outline for The Fifth Monarch sitting on my desk right now.

One of my top priorities is seeing that Feng Shui gets some love.


Great to hear! It looks like the Archetype Pack is already updated with errata. Will the GM screen be returning with any needed errata? I can still find the screen through some third-party vendors (and I know a PDF is on DTRPG) but wondering if I should hold out for the latest and greatest.

We're looking at options for reprinting the GM screen. It's a trickier proposition because GM screens (a) sell only a fraction of the core book and (b) are much more expensive to print in small quantities.

With that being said, I don't think there's any errata that will apply to the GM screen. We recently shipped out our last copies of that into distribution, too, so if you can find it at local game store, I'd say you should grab a copy now.

Glad to hear that Feng Shui is getting some love! I was a backer on the original KS but sadly made the mistake of only getting the digital book.

So, questions:

Is the new printing done? Are they in distribution now? [insert shut up and take my money GIF]

Is the version on DriveThruRPG up to date?

Re: New printing. Arrived at our warehouse last week (two weeks ago? holidays are messing with my sense of linear time), shipping to distributors and available for order from our website basically right now.

If the version on DTRPG is not currently up to date, it will be in the incredibly near future. (And your copy in the DTRPG library would automatically update.)