Does magic resistance physically halt enchanted objects?

The vacuum I'm referring to is due to all the rose enchanted air being pushed out of the Parma. Normal air from outside the stinky cloud could rush in to replace it.

I still prefer the idea that the air loses its smell by the time it reaches your nose through your parma (like a Rego'd rock gently touching you), and your lungs do all the work of sucking in the harmless air.

I also totally approve of the Bonisagus patching idea. Brilliant!

Who needs Magic Sensitivity when you have Parma? Why then worry about its penalty to MR since only non-mages without MR would bother taking it. OK, maybe for "passive" magic. But I am not happy with Parma as a magic detector.

I also really don't like the idea that enchanted items would feel different. Parma isn't supposed to stop you from acting on magic stuff, only the other way round. The "falling onto a bridge vs. the bridge falling on you" examples from the core book are key to that interpretation.

The patch idea is brilliant.

I play it as the magus lowering his MR when wearing the ring, allowing the magic to sweep over him, and when his MR returns the magic already has "penetrated" it.

Decent point, but bear in mind I said that to a magus it 'might' feel slippery. Using your bridge point, yes he could still walk on it, but how would it feel? Would he feel the slightest resistance before his foot touched the bridge or would he actually be walking scant millimeters above it (seems like that would be slippery). Or when he falls into a pit filled with magically created spikes? How does that feel? He either lands on top harmlesly if they are densely packed enough, or falls between them, how does that feel?

Basically some consistency is definitely in order. And at some point someone is going to try the "Does it bounce off my Parma test?" and in all honesty it should work, and considering that that test is nowhere near as imbalancing as the poison-to-water workaround, I'd be OK with that.

BTW thanks to those who like my patch idea.