Does the Gift interaction penalty affect Magic creatures?

This may be a simple question. If you have the Gift (normal gift), do you get the -3 interaction penalty with creatures of Magic, those with a Magic Might score?


Yes it does. Inoffensive to (Beings) can be taken to avoid affecting creatures of the Magic Realm. Note however that Unaffected by the Gift is a common minor virtue for some classes of magical beings like animals of virtue, etc.


Only if your SG remembers that it does.


The above is correct, but I'd like to add that I personally rule that it doesn't in my sagas.

I can't remember where, but as I recall, the answer is mixed. Some magic beings are bothered by it and others not, there is some latitude given to the troupe in this regard.

The answers I have seen throughout the line are mixed.

My current group plays it that things affiliated with the Magic Realm and having MR are unaffected by the Gift. The primary SG revealed later that in the game he used the absolute value as a modifier for beings affiliated with the Infernal Realm, since "they like scary and powerful a-holes".

Which absolute value?

The absolute value of the modifier from the Gift. The absolute value of -3 is 3.

This is from the base book: "Creatures belonging to one of the four supernatural realms may have different reactions to the Gifted. Some behave like mundane animals, others like mundane humans, while some appear completely unaffected by The Gift. Demons, in particular, do not seem to be
bothered by The Gift, but that may just be because they envy every human being anyway."

I think, for the magic realm, i would play it as following:

  • Magical persons and magical animals - affected by the gift, unless they have the corresponding virtue (which is common at least for magic animals, otherwise magi would have difficulty finding familiars);
  • Magical spirits - there really is no reason for most of these beings who wouldn't be interacting with mundanes to consider magi weirder than regular humans. I would probably treat them as unaffected by default;
  • Magical things - Toss up. I can see an argument for making them being unaffected by default like spirits are, but I can also see elementals reacting more aggressively intuitively (this thing can master me / rend me down for vis!), or the hilarious potential of an animated warped coach insisting he doesn't trust a non-mundane to steer it.

I don't think they've been so inconsistent. Let's start with the core book.

Yet these beings all have Might. Therefore, Might (or the Magic Resistance it imparts) is insufficient to stop the effects of the Gift. However, some beings won't react to the Gift despite their Might not protecting them (e.g. maybe they have Unaffected by the Gift or Corrupted Beast). It could be that Infernal Might can do it, but that is left vague. So what we know from the core book is that just having Might doesn't stop the Gift's effects.

Now we move forward to other books.

RoP:M - There is Unaffected by the Gift to stop the Gift's effects. This is stated as not being uncommon, which is pretty consistent with core.

HoH:MC - Inoffensive to (Beings) is pretty silly if Faerie/Magic Might stop the effects of the Gift. Same thing with Alluring to (Beings) as well as Binding the Gift. And then look at Unbearable to (Beings). The penalty adds to the penalty Divine and Infernal beings already suffer from the Gift, and this penalty is suggested as a reduced version of Blatant Gift. This strongly suggests no types of Might stop the effects of the Gift, though other factors certainly could.

RoP:tI - "All demons are entirely immune to magic that would cause them to act in a contrary way to their Personality Traits." This certainly fits the core book's statement. Note that this is separate from Corrupted Beast and separate from other ways of getting Infernal Might. Corrupted Beasts are explicitly immune. But not for other ways of getting Infernal Might.

Is there anywhere that actually disagrees with these?

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