Does WARPED MAGIC apply to objects created by magus?

Salve Sodales!
Does WARPED MAGIC hermetic minor flaw (ArM5 core p.60) apply to objects enchanted by the magus affected?

It says "your magic". Like you, I also think that this is less clear than is convenient. I'd apply it to items. I think that doing so is fair, and is probably going to be more fun in the long run than having unwarped items.


Many thanks to you, Erik, for this answer!

I agree it's unclear. If it was a major flaw, I'd think definitely.

For a minor flaw, I think it's fair items wouldn't have the problem, however, the argument about it being more fun is a good point. I'd think it's a decide with the troupe how you want to run it.

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Thanks for your advice.