Dominion Lore and Heresy

I’m reading RoP Divine and I find a quite like the direction the book went with the Dominion. Specifically I liked the bit about how any religion founded on the concept of a single universal creator is associated with and protected by the divine realm. This means that not only are the three main Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) equal in the eyes of the divine but Platonists, Zoroastrians, Mandeans, and heretic Gnostics and Cathars are also blessed by the protection of the Dominion.

The fact that other religions and heretical sects are equally protected by angels and have there own saints and holy aura’s seems to be wonderful source for stories.

For instance I could see how dominion lore could actually be more feared by some factions of the church more than any form of magic lore. Imagine an a churchman gaining access to a covenant library. The Magi have carefully hidden all incriminating books, not realizing their dominion lore level 4 summae could very likely bring an inquisition to there door. (yes insert your no one expects the inquisition joke here)

Or play with player expectations. Maybe while adventuring in the holy land the group stumbles across a powerful and ancient divine regio. It contains not artifacts of the abrahamic religions but remnants of Zoroastrian practices. How does the holy knight with true faith react to this revelation.

Has any one had the chance to deal with these issues in their games.

Based upon what I've read, I was under the impression that Dominion Lore is the study of the Divine Realm and its manifestations as opposed to Theology: (religion) which deals with the tenets of a specific religion.

Therefore, while a book on Dominion Lore authored by a member of an unapproved faith might meet with disapproval, it doesn't really meet the definition of Heresy.

Of course, whatever makes for more entertaining stories should be what happens!

A book on Dominion Lore (authored by anyone) would certainly count as heresy if it contradicted the teachings of the church.

Especially if the book said things like as long as a community worships a benevolent creator they are protected by a divine aura and there for blessed by god. I’m sure this is information that could show up in a level 4 summae.