Donna - weaponsmith (development)

Donna was born of a washerwoman and a dwarf, and as a young woman hid her gender in order to apprentice as a weaponsmith. Her natural abilities earned her an apprenticeship, and years of dedicated study and effort led to her rising to a fairly decent rank within the guild. Unfortunately she was afraid to reveal her gender to anyone, and the suppression of her natural desires was replaced with over consumption of food. Which in the end proved her downfall as her bosom increased in size along with her belly. It became increasingly hard for her compatriots to ignore the fact that she was indeed a she, and as a new head guildsman rose to power he demanded that "Donald" be dragged before him, stripped, and branded as a sexual deviant. The fact that he had no legal authority to do so did not stop it from being done, and Donna fled into the wilderness, where she happened upon a magic cavern where she found and ate some eggs, which turned out to be eggs from a magical intelligent bird, the eating of which granted Dona the ability to craft magical weapons, but when the bird returned and found her eggs eaten, it turned out that despite the regularl appearance of the eggs the mother was able to grow to roughly the size of an elephant and cast lightning from her eyes. She flew into a rage and threatened to kill Donna, but in the end spared her life in exchange for Donna having to perform favors for the mother bird.

Int 0 Per 1
Pre -2 Com 0
Str 2 Sta 0
Dex 5 Quick 0

obese(minor -1)
greedy(major -3)
plagued by supernatural entity(major -3)
transvestite(minor -1)
branded criminal(minor -1)
incomprehensible(minor -1)

puissent craft(minor +1)
affinity with craft(minor +1)
strong faerie blood-dwarf(major +3)
touched by magic(major +3)
great dx(minor +1)
great dx(minor +1)

Catalan 5
brawl 3
athletics 2
area lore -Toledo 2
weaponsmith 11+3
leadership 7
guile 8
Guild Lore 3
Folk ken 4
animal handling 2
bargain 4
charm 4
intrigue 4
chirurgy 3
music 1

Rhooo, nice!

What age is she? Going by her craft score, she should be at least... 45, which stands to reason (you've exploited the extra years granted by SFB)

Given your background, wouldn't Favors be better? It looked like she had reached an understanding with the beastie.

Did she become that good after eating the eggs, or was she before? If so, maybe you could rewrite a little her background: Her skill wouldn't earn her a decent rank, she'd be regarded as an incredibly gifted craftsman, unless she tried to fly under the radar, of course.

IIRC, she should have probably some bargain and [strike]Guild Lore[/strike]* (not necessarily much, mind you).

Also serf's parma, you must select some hermetic forms for your Touched by Magic virtue. I don't recall how many, but am sure it's less than 4.

Otherwise, going by a quick glance, she looks fine, and, for what it's worth, I like her. The guile score is a very nice touch.
Oh, you forgot again to list specialties. It's not an obligation, mind you, but well :smiley:
You also forgot to write the +1 to craft from her Dwarf Blood: This should be 11+4.

  • Ok, she has it, I hadn't see it. Sorry.


Puissant ability adds +1, the other +1 is for dwarven blood
I also forgot the free second sight at 1
good call on the favors though, I will make that change
as for forms she needs to take 2, and will take Te and Co
she had the skill prior, eating the eggs gave her touched by magic.

Puissant is +2.
How did you get a score of 11 again? Can you craft Toledo steel?

She has a score of 11 due to age (46, with strong faerie blood) and affinity (which allows you to buy a skill at 2 above age limits)
If she can't craft Toledo steel it's because I overlooked the relevant advantage special to that. In any case her workshop total is 19, which means that she can craft excellent weapons with a +4 bonus to all uses (+4 attk and defense for a sword for example), unles of course she is crafting wonderous items which have actual enchanted effects in them (with some interesting restrictions, like the item being bound to the person it was made for)- up to 35 levels of effect unless she has a bonus to her workshop total. Oh, and being touched by magic means a magic aura is added to her workshop total (though +4 is the max she can get for excellent weapons), along with bonuses for assistants, improved workshop materials and innovation...
It should be noted that bonuses for excellent quality also apply as a bonus to enchant the item (by a mage, not by Donna) which means anyone wanting to enchant her sword etc. will have a +4 bonus to their lab total.

Your skills are almost sufficient to craft steel out of aluminum :laughing:

Do you have any idea how hard it is to work Alluminum in the middle ages?
But reviewing what you have written regarding Tolledo steel, I expect she would be able to use it, and presumably be able to be boosted to +5 att and def, from how you have it written, not to mention the enchantments a magus could lay on it...

We were both saying nonsense :unamused:, although I was the first (dumbly confused with Puissant Art). Luckily, Marko was here...

Te and Co, good call IMO.

Donna will obviously spend the spring of 1234 applying to set up at the covenant, probably meeting the captain of the grogs, and setting up her workshop.
Could I get some idea what types of standard armaments currently are?

It's probably on the wiki... Or here, on the covenant's page.

Gotta stop now, maybe later today, else, tomorrow.

Okay, then for summer she will probably make 6 swords with (assuming she is has access to Toledo) a +6/+6 bonus for attk/def (due to sword focus). Accumulating 60 labor points, 36 of which maintain her business for the year. Are any of the magi interested in a crafted magical weapon that would be an arcane connection to them? Or any military companions, same question?

Slow down :slight_smile:
Donna is part of Fleur's entourage I presume? That's the way I would like to play it. Which means she will be stationed in the Balearic Islands along with her magus. You will have to set up shop from scratch. Requisition any supplies you need from the steward (old Moses).

Okay, aside from the fact that Donna s from Toledo and Fleur's covenant was in Marseille...
should we roleplay out setting up the shop or even maybe exploring the sanctum?

I am trying to avoid the whole feeling of Donna answering an ad on Craigslist :laughing:
Originally from Toledo, she had taken a job at Fleur's place, and they became friends and so Donna follows Fleur here.
So, where do these two ladies set up shop? The Balearic chapter has an outpost on Ibisa and Mallorca in the city of Palma. You can choose to saddle up to one of these two guys or strike off on your own in Minorca or Fontenara.

How about Donna had just gotten to Canem de Mer and Fleur was heading to Andorra, so Donna decided to follow her since Canem no longer had the military aspect it once did and that way she could talk to someone besides a cat who was leaving with Fleur anyways...
What is going to be the difference in terms of which of the 4 she chooses? I'm only finding one listing for Sa Dragonera on the wikki... considering the unexplored nature of her sanctum as I designed it I suspect striking off on her own may be the more appropriate choice...

Mallorca has a major city, Palma. Iiza is a land of music and festivals dating back to Phonecian times. I know little about Fontenara or Minorca. Sa Dragonera itself is an uninhabited lump of rock that looks like a dragon's back. It is the location of a vis source owned by Barcelona covenant. The deal is that we guard it and harvest the vis and we split the profits.

Acording to the wikki, Minorca is currently an independent Islamic state, tributary to a Christian king... though it became so in July of 1234,so this could be a major plot to play... Sa’îd ibn Hakam led an armed coup and took over the island, establishing harsh Islamic law including beheading Muslims who were found drunk.
Formentera on the other hand is under Moorish rule until 1235, when it is taken by King Jaume the 1st for the kingdom of Aragon. Formentera seems less populated, but I can't see Fleur setting up under a Moorish state. Majorica (or Mallorca) meanwhile seems a rather large island and could easily have an out of the way haunted house such as what her sanctum is described as.

Perfect :smiley:
Pere of Jerbiton also lives in a haunted house in Palma. Though I think it isn't actually haunted, that is just what the mundanes though when the encountered the regio in the house. I may be mistaken tough.
Fightmaster :slight_smile: Little help here?

shouldn't this be moved to the development thread?
Touched by magic allows a craftsman to make a form of limited enchanted item, constrained to two forms and it is and must remain an arcane connection to whomever it was made for. It is also limited to self (the object itself) or touch range.

Yeah, I somehow missed seeing the development thread, and all my questions had already been answered. Which is why i deleted it. :frowning: