Door to door magus

A Tytalus with persona wishes to make some cover operations in variouse locations. He wants to build his rep but doesn't want to have to travle all the time. So, can you make a door that opens up to diferent locations say, with arcane conections. When this was proposed to me it sounded a lot like Hermes Portal, but this doesn't stop the ever creative troup from comeing up with solutions. One was to use Summon the Distant Image and a spell that would let you know which door was being knocked on, then through in a teleport spell when you pass through the door. This could also work the other way around, and would need massive enchantment but when has that ever stoped a Tytali? Any thoughts on how this could be acomplisted? Or am I on the right track here?

Enchanting Leap of Homecoming into a door is a very cool effect. Summon Distant Images would be a cool addtioal effect, so you can see the place you are goinf, before you go, but I am not sure I understand what you mean about

Did you need a spell that only transports you through doors in another location? LOH would still do it.
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The Dragons Door

This intricately carved door is made of solid oak and bordered with a frame of bronze. Rather oddly, the door is not set in a doorway, but is instead left standing in the middle of a room. A large dragons head sculpted from bronze peers out from the top-centre of the door, a large ring knocker hanging from between its teeth.
The door knob itself is made of gold and otherwise unemblazened, but the keypiece is the oddest part, as while also gold, it has no hole for a key to fit, instead merely being stamped with the Verditius rune for Rego

Leap of Homecoming - Level 50 Re(Te)Co
Base 35, +1 Touch (Arcane Connection)
+10 Levels, Unlimited Uses per day

This spell allows anyone who activates the door (by turning the knob clockwise) to teleport to anywhere they concentrate on, providing the arcane connection is pressed against the keyhold of the door. Note, when activated remotely, the spell can also teleport the user -back- the door, which obviously has an arcane connection to itself at all times.

Opening the Intangible Tunnel - Level 55 ReVi
Base 15, +4 Arcane Connection, +1 Concentration
+10 Levels, Unlimited Uses per day
+5 Maintains Concentraion

Lets you cast touch range spells through the tunnel to an arcane connection, provided the spells are level 50 or lower.
By rapping the knocker of the door 3 times sharply, it will open up an intangible tunnel to an arcane connection which you press against the dragons head above the rapper.

Phantasmal Door - Level 20 CrIm
Base 2 (Sight, Touch), +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Intricate Design
+10 Levels, Unlimited Uses per day
+5 Maintains Concentration

Can be used to send an impressive looking image of the door through the intangible tunnel, which can be both seen and felt.
Only usable once an intangible tunnel has been opened, this effect is activated by lifting the knocker up above the dragons head and resting it there. The effect will remain active as long as the knocker is above the head, though at sunrise and sunset, the knocker will fall down on its own accord.

You now have a door which you can use to open an intangible tunnel to anywhere you have an arcane connection to. Once the tunnel is open, you can then teleport to that point using the first effect. If you -wish- (and you might not, if you wanted the door to be a secret), you can make an image of the door at the other end. This serves no real purpose other than to make clear the location of the intangible tunnel. From the other side, if you wish to get back, you merely need to cast a touch range ReTe through the image of the door (which is of course the front of the intangible tunnel) and turn the knob, at which point it will happily teleport you back to it.

That's how I'd do it anyway

Yep, that is how I would do it also, assuming I was as creative as Fluffy.

Great, that gives me a great place to start. What I ment by hearing which door was being knocked on was the idea that you could have several homes of say merchants in diferent locals, when someone knocks on the door you know which door you need to open your conection to. And when you open the door it would alow both sides to see eachother. But I think I can work that out with a sumon the distant image spell. Kudos and thanks!

Dont forget 2 things: 1. Warping to everyone who uses the teleport, and 2. you will need a ReCo(TeHeAqAn) spell to transport not only Corpus things.

Or you can handwave all this rubbish about you appearing naked when you teleport and do not demand requisites for such basic stuff as clothes or your usual equipment.

Warping for the people that teleport,. so make your magus teleport where the people are, instead of the other way around. :slight_smile: No warping anymore.



Yeah, we tend to ignore it for basic stuff.. otherwise it just gets annoying.

Werebore, are you thinking of the door in "Howl's Moving Castle" by Dianna Wynne Jones?

GREAT work FS!

I think I missed something, though. For the intangible tunnel effect and spells cast through to the location, wouldn't that have to use some penetration to get through the (presumably) Dominion Aura?


I hadn't thought of that, but that is kind of what he is trying to do. Actualy, he (my player) got the idea from that star trek episode where they find a device that opens portals to diferent planets. Sorry my geek is showing. So I looked through some myths and storys and fond a few other Magic door referances. But to many seemed to be like Portal of hermes, always going to one spot. So I was just looking for a way around that huge undertakeing and re casting each year for him. The vis cost is just to high to make useing them realistic.

Speaking of Portal of Hermes, Has anyone else knowticed the corilation between house Mercar and the Hermetic Arcitecture? (please excuse my spelling, I don't have the book to corect it on hand)

Items aren't affected by auras unless they snuck a new ruling in somewhere, and unless you're planning on opening a door inside someone elses covenant, you probably don't need penetration

Well, not exactly, but they aren't immune to Warping from an aura, either :wink: