Doubt about Virtue "Composer of Power"

Hi, i was reading to make one Skyrim adaptations with the concept of the Dragon language and this Virtue, and i saw one thing taht need some opinion. What happens with one 0 Cost (Maybe Personal) Constant Power? Day and Night Power after the Vis use of the student? One year?

Which book is it in? :slight_smile:


The book is Realms of Power: Magic.

As I understand it from reading the text (and the virtue seems to appear completely out of the blue, with no context regarding what a song of power is, so it's not easy), if the Power has a cost of 0, then the student needs to expand 1 vis every time he uses (sings) it. That was the easy part.

Now, as for a constant power... thanks to a nifty search feature, I can direct you to page 36 'Magic Powers', third paragraph: "A Greater, Lesser, or Personal Power can be made constant, triggering automatically at both sunset and sunrise and continuing perpetually as long as the character has a Might Score and the Might Points needed to activate it..."

So if the constant power is taught as a song of power, it will trigger automatically at sunset and sunrise to renew itself... costing 1 pawn of vis every time !

At least, that's my reading, and in fact it's the only one that makes sense, otherwise you have nearly free permanent powers that can be learned easily.

Is one good lecture, but there are high risk of warping and the dispelling it.
I buy your opinion of course.

It is associated with the Birds of Nephelococcygia, which are elsewhere in RoP:Magic.