Doubt AM5, Laboratory text and charged items

From what i understand in the description of the laboratory text, correct me please if i am wrong. And forgive me, because i am not able to quote the sentence. I do know all in al, thatl it is in the laboratory text part, in AM5 manual and that is is said in the paragraph that is before the las one.

I do understand that, if you are doing a charged item, doesnt matter the level, from a lab text, you do create 1 charge for each 5 rounded up of your lab total. So if am to create a 20 level spell charged item for the fist time,you create 1 charge for every 5 rounded up your lab total exceeds 20. But consecuent creation attemps with your laboratory ttexts, give you 4 more charges, without any bonus. This can be quite abusive, if you try to create a charged item of lvl 45+ for example?

Thanks anyway and as i said, correct me please if i do read it in a wrong way

You read it correctly. It isn't really abusive, though, in my opinion. Is it one of the more useful applications for a lab text? Sure. But abusive? Hardly. All it does is give you more of the same effect, with no variance allowed. If you're going to be using it often enough to be worth regularly replenishing it, then the replenishment will add so much extra time that it'd be more efficient to bite the vis cost and go for a permanent enchantment. Plus unless you're a Verditius you can probably serve yourself better by learning a spell than constantly enchanting more charged items.

For the typical player character covenant of young magi, charged items are the way to put penetration behind a magical effect.

Spending two seasons to get a lot of high-penetration applications of your favorite effect is often worth it: sometimes that much, that troupes house-rule the penetration of charged items, or enchanted devices tout court.


Charged items are like the two other posters said, a good example of how magi who dedicate themselve can be better at working together. In a RL saga, my magus designed a powerful ward charged item for might 80 creatures. Then he did more copies in his second season, ensuring our dragon-fire potential threat in a vis source would not be dangerous. Now those extra copies, being not used due to story reasons, my magus keeps them preciously, just in case.
The same goes for your prefered PeVi antidemon item. You should never get rid of that -20 might with 60 penetration staff labtext. Just in case you need some additional charges.