Download the GTUK brochure!

I've made a quick rough and ready brochure about Grand Tribunal UK 2013 which is happening in just under a month. Even f you can't make it you might be interested in the descriptions of the games being run, and i actively encourage you to post it anywhere that Ars Magica is discussed and share it with friends. We would like to recruit a number more delegates. The brochure is at

The website is

cj x

Oh, man, I want to go so bad right now! Some of those games just sound so very awesome! (If i went, I would probably want in on A Ride with the Valkyrie, A Night on the Tiles, and So Long at the Faire (even though I've never played 3e).)

Last year we had 3rd, 4th and 5th ed games! We see more and more 5th every year but some people always offer nostalgic glimpses of the past. Still lots more games to add, and if anyone if coming from the USA this year do inbox me so I can help make arrangements :smiley:

cj x