[Dungeoneer] 1 standard+1 Epic game is enough to play?

I've bought today my first Dungeoneer game called "Call of the Lich Lord" because I heared that every game from Dungeoneer serie is also a starter...Unfortunatelly I noticed its Epic labeled and becouse of that I have a questions...
I heared its not good idea to begin my first game with Epic so If I buy Tomb of a lich lord will it work OK with my Call of the lich lord expansion?
Or one game is not enough to lvl up heroes to enter "Call of the Lich Lord"? and I should buy one more (3th) dungeoneer without Epic Label?

Please help,
I want to play soon and I want to have full Dungeoner experience :slight_smile:

Thnak You!

Hi there. You can play Call of the Lich Lord by itself, and shouldn't have any trouble ... the characters just start at 4th level. If you want to start at 1st level, you'd need a non-Epic, non-Legendary set like Tomb of the Lich Lord. But unfortunately Tomb of the Lich Lord is temporarily out of stock. Any of the other ones should work fine with Call of the Lich Lord, though. Have fun!

THank You for response :slight_smile:
i have call of the lich lord and Tomb of the lich tomb already so tomorrow I start to play!
ty for fast response :slight_smile: