[Dungeoneer] anytime banes


I have the following problem with the rules. I have read that anytime cards can be played any time, but banes can only be played whith peril, so it must be played when a player is acting as 'dungeonlord'

So when can I play an anytime bane?

I guess tha I can play it in my dungeonlord phase or when I'm acting as dungeonlord for a monster that other player meets (for example trying to resolve a quest) but I can't play it if I'm not the player acting as dungeonlord.

I think I'm right, but also think is quite complicated. Can you please confirm the usage of this cards?

Nowhere in the rules does it say Peril can only be spent during your Dungeonlord phase.

You may play an "anytime" card at any time.

Happy Dungeoneering!

Oh, then I misreaded the rules...

So I can use at anytime card even in other player's dundeonlord phase.