[Dungeoneer] Difficulty past level 1?

So I got my first few games in using only the Dragons of the Desert set tonight with 2 players. Things seemed really brutal at level 1, but then level 2 and up heroes just seemed near untouchable. At best a fight seemed to be a push. Well except the guy who got the Necrodragon, and he got to lay some beat down early and even into the late game. It is just this set or do other sets have more bonuses?

Maybe it was too many items and abilities that gave bonuses vs dragons and nearly every monster was a dragon. Whereas the monsters don't get the same kind of reverse modifier unless in one of the few dragon bonus locations.

Every game works out differently. There are just as many complaints that monsters are too hard as there is that they are too easy. But in general the Desert set is pretty well balanced I think.