[Dungeoneer] Fiery Blast / Mighty Strike question

I can see 3 different interpretations of this rule.

  1. If you have arcane fire boon in play and succeed in a magic combat (ie inflict at least on wound) then you would both roll a magic challenge (adding any modifiers) and if you win you inflict an additional wound.

The same for Mighty Strike except for the initial attack used Melee combat.

  1. You score an additional wound if the attack was sucessful and made in same form as card. ie melee attack successful then you score a extra wound for having a Mighty Strike card in play.

  2. After a sucessful attack of the same type your opponent must roll higher than your magic stats, ie you are lvl 2 and have 2 magic then your opponent must just roll a 2 or better.

Last question does the initial attack have to be in the same form as these cards to score an additional wound?

They take effect each time you engage in combat.

Fiery Blast in all Magic combats, Mighty Strike in all Melee combats.