[Dungeoneer] Help combining hero/epic sets


First of all, Dungeoneer is a great little game - nice work!

I am however totally confused as to how I go about combining the the two lich decks.

Do I combine all the cards from the get go, except for the quest cards? Do we work through 3 heroic quests, and then do the epic quests?

What about the adventure cards? When do we pull from each? If they are combined, won't the epic level monsters be too powerful?

Basically, I am totally confused. How do I do it?


Hello D_Davis,

Glad you are enjoying the game!

For combining sets I would recommend following the directions in the rules sheet included in the Epic set. (under combining sets) Allow me to summarize:

  1. Separate Adventure cards into Glory and Peril cards, so players can choose which to draw from. (use separate discard piles)
  2. Deal only heroic grade Quests in the beginning. When someone achieves 4th level, they may then get epic grade Quests. (2 personal, 1 global). Quests are not shuffled together.
  3. Upon achieving 4th level, draw an Epic hero and place it under your Heroic level hero. Line it up on the red line, so only the relevant part of the Epic hero will show. It doesn't matter which, all epic heroes combine with any heroic hero.

To balance power it is recommended that heroic level Adventure cards be removed from the game instead of put into the discard pile. (Epic cards have a symbol of a little horned skull in the bottom left)

It has been suggested to further balance the game that all epic cards be placed under heroic cards (Adventure card deck). "Stacking the deck" as it were.

Hope this helps.